Mind Games – Running Home to Mama


The following script is from the movie Hunt for the Red October (Sean Connery, Alec Baldwin). The Americans are trying to track down a new Russian sub that can move undetected and could possibly be used to launch first strike missiles on enemy territory. They initially caught track of the sub, but later lost it when it turned its new propulsion system on. This script is taken when the Sonar operator Jonsey learns how to identify the unique sound of this new submarine from their last recording.


Sir, the moment that sub went silent and I thought I heard some singing, I heard something in the background real faint. After all those subs took off, I caught it again and got it on tape.

I washed it through the computer and was able to isolate this sound. (Sound plays)

When I asked the computer to identify it, what I got was magma displacement.

(Captain gives him a confused look)

You see, sir, the SAPS software was originally written to look for seismic events. I think when it gets confused, it kind of runs home to Mama.


I’m not following you, Jonesy.


Sir, I’m sorry. Listen to it at 10 times speed. Now, that’s got to be man made, Captain.


All right.

When people get confused, they can easily run home to mama with some sort of default explanation or theory for understanding.