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When Conservatism Becomes an Idol

Person # 1: “My denomination is so conservative that we do not ordain women.”
Person # 2: “You heresiarch, in my denomination we are so conservative that we don’t allow women into the pulpit.”
Person # 3: “Liberal scum the lot of you, my denomination is so conservative that it doesn’t ordain women, won’t allow them to preach, or even let them do the Bible readings on Sunday.”
Person #4: “You illegitimate sons of Karl Barth, my denomination is more conservative since it doesn’t ordain women, let them preach, read the Bible in public, wear jeans, or speak to a man who is not their husband or father in public.”
Person #5: “You decrepit creatures of darkness, my denomination is so conservative that we force women to wear heard coverings, remove their vocal chords so they can’t talk, forbid them from seeking a college education, and flog them weekly on suspicion of harboring beliefs in equality.”