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On Eternal Security, Freedom, and the Role of Behavior in Salvation

From Ben Witherington.

Inerrancy, historical criticism, and the slippery slope

What is needed, I would say, is a new visual metaphor for how scripture relates to faithfulness without tying inerrancy to faithfulness as the default starting point. We need a picture that allows inerrancy not only to be directly challenged but also discarded without having people feel like they might end up giving up faith.

Introverts Are Kind of Judgmental at Work

The introverted students gave lower ratings to their extroverted peers as compared to their introverted ones, while the ratings given by extroverted students didn’t vary based on the personality of the person they were rating. A second experiment in Leavitt and colleagues’ paper went further, suggesting that introverts judge extroverts more harshly, even when there is no actual difference in performance.

Sorry Again, John 3:16: The World’s 10 Most Popular Bible Verses of 2014

Philippians made out well this year. The New Testament letter authored by the Apostle Paul contained 3 of the top 10 Bible verses that were most bookmarked, highlighted, and shared with YouVersion’s Bible app in 2014, according to an end-of-year analysis released today

Funny Cats Compilation (21 mins)

For a laugh.