Weekly Random Links

Perhaps Mark 7:17-19 Doesn’t Teach What You Thought it Did about the Abrogation of Torah

Check out this provocative exposition of Mark 7 by Daniel Boyarin.

The Church Needs Men and Women to Be Friends

Recently a friend started a discussion thread by asking the question, “Can men and women be friends?” She was asking, essentially, if sexual attraction is a deal-breaker when it comes to male-female friendships. Immediately the thread filled with horror stories about male-female relationships that started as friendships and ended as train wrecks.

It Won’t Be Your Superannuation for Long

Now don’t forget the annuity ‘proposal’ from the Murray inquiry. This ‘recommendation’ was echoed in the Deloitte’s Superannuation Report.

If you’re under 40, the government will almost certainly keep you from grabbing hold of that carrot once you hit the magic preservation age. Instead of giving you the entire carrot at once to do with as you please, they will generously continue to manage it until…well until you die. Until then, they will decide how much of that carrot to slice off for you each month. (Admittedly, Deloitte didn’t use the carrot analogy.)

But that’s not all…

The Deloitte report, certain to be scrutinised by the cash strapped government, also recommends taking any remaining super from you after you die. Rather than being able to pass this money — your money — on to your dependents or whomever you choose, this will go into a pension pool to fund the government’s pension scheme. That’s wealth redistribution at its finest.

What to do before selling or donating your phone

Before you retire your trusty old smartphone in favor of something shiny and new, think twice about tossing it away blindly. In addition to all the precious digital entertainment and media your handset has accumulated, it also holds a wealth of sensitive personal data that you don’t want disappearing or falling into the wrong hands.

From meaningful photos to vital emails and text messages, failing to prep your cast-off device properly before donating or selling it can mean the loss of precious memories, or exposure to serious security and privacy risks.

To avoid potential trouble, follow these few simple steps so you can kiss your unwanted smartphone good riddance while maintaining a little peace of mind.