Bible in a Year

It is my pleasure to invite you to read my blog over the course of a year. Every day I will be posting to help you read the bible more and more.

00 Stepping stonesThe intention of this series of posts is to encourage its readers to read the whole bible from cover to cover in a single year.

I realise bible reading can be hard. This series will make it easier for you to read parts of the bible every day.


The blogs will have slightly varying formats depending on the stage in the bible being commented on. The table below illustrates.

Old Testament Gospels Acts Epistles
Blog Title – Heading Blog Title – Heading Blog Title – Heading Blog Title – Heading
From – Chapter Readings From – Chapter Readings From – Chapter Readings From – Chapter Readings
Synopsis Synopsis Synopsis Synopsis
Passage and Comments Passage and Comments Passage and Comments Passage and Comments
Story of Israel About Jesus About Mission For Believers
Story of Jesus

From – Chapter Readings

This section will give a link to an overview of the entire book. The overview will contain an introduction for each book and most have a video from the bible project.

Afterwards each part is broken up into;

  1. the reference to the passage
  2. a category used to distinguish this passage
  3. a description of what is in the passage

The main purpose of this section is to give people who do not read the whole set of chapters to get a brief overview of what happens. Its possible they will gain an understanding of the whole bible if they read this section alone.

The whole premise of this is that there are sections of the bible that are difficult to get through. I recognise this, sections like Leviticus and Chronicles are at times a little slow.

Each overview is semi-comma ‘;’ delimited. This means the tech savvy can import it as a csv file into excel if they want.


A brief description of what the post is on about. Something catchy, or not.

Passage and Comments

At the start of each book I will give a brief introduction. As we work through the chapter readings, I will select a passage to comment on in each and every blog post. My technique is based on my love of expository preaching.

Story of Israel

This section will connect the passage with the story of Israel. It may take on a particular theme which I want to concentrate on in the post.

Story of Jesus

With the Old Testament, I intend to preach the gospel in the same way the apostles do in Acts.

Close examination of the apostles sermons in Acts reveals that they tell the story of Israel and connect it to the story of Jesus when sharing about Jesus.

See my gospel page or my series on the gospel for a better understanding of where I’m coming from. Every Old Testament blog will refer to Jesus in some manner.

About Jesus

This section is only in the Gospels. My opinion is that the Gospels are the gospel. I will generally summarise what the gospel says about Jesus.

About Mission

In Acts the apostles are engaged in evangelism and mission. It seems appropriate to discuss the things we can learn from their example in this section.

For Believers

The Epistles were written for existing believers in Jesus Christ. These are examples of how the apostles engage in pastoral care with their church audiences (mostly believers, possibly some unbelievers). So in this section I will comment on their practice.


I’ve now blogged through the bible a few times.The earlier 2014 posts were more of a rush job. The 2015 series is better, but I found they are too long and need to be shortened.

In 2017 and 2018 I will be reviewing the earlier posts and bringing them up to speed. In the interim I will be publishing select verses from the daily chapter readings to keep you in the word.

I work full time as a technical officer in engineering. I create these blogs in my spare time. So I generally don’t have a lot of time to go into a huge amount of detail. I generally try and keep the blogs around 1000 words.

I’ve studied a bit in the past and I’ve read the bible a few times. So, normally I write off the top of my head from my own knowledge of the scriptures, previous readings and bible software.

God bless.

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