Jude 1.1-2; Introduction; Jude greets those who are called with mercy, peace and love.

Jude 1.3-16; Instruction-Judgment; Jude instructs them to contend for the faith delivered to the saints because of false teachers who have crept in. The gives a list of Old Testament examples of beings who have wandered away and been punished. Jude has a long list of insults for them.

Jude 1.17-23; Instruction; They should remember the apostles predictions and build one another up, keeping themselves in the love of God and waiting for his mercy. They should have mercy on those who doubt.

Jude 1.24-25; Close; God is able to keep them from stumbling and present them blameless in his presence. To God and through Jesus be the glory, majesty, dominion and authority. Amen.