1 Timothy

54 1 Timothy Wordle

1 Ti 1.1-2; Introduction; Paul greets Timothy with grace and peace

1 Ti 1.3-7; Warning; Paul warns him against false teachers who use the law

1 Ti 1.8-11; Instruction; Proper use of the law, for the ungodly and sinners

1 Ti 1.12-17; Teaching; Paul the foremost of sinners, was saved by Jesus that he may be an example for others

1 Ti 1.18-20; Instruction; Paul charges Timothy to wage the good warfare

1 Ti 2.1-15; Instruction; Pray for all people

1 Ti 3.1-7; Instruction; Qualifications for Overseers

1 Ti 3.8-13; Instruction; Qualifications for Deacons

1 Ti 3.14-16; Creed; Early Christian Gospel Creed

1 Ti 4.1-5; Teaching-Instruction; Some will depart from the faith, things can be made holy by the word of God and prayer

1 Ti 4.6-16; Instruction; Paul gives instructions for Timothy’s training and ministry

1 Ti 5.1-6.2; Instruction; Instructions for Timothy to pass on to the church

1 Ti 6.3-10; Teaching; False teachers and true contentment

1 Ti 6.11-21; Close; Final and parting instructions