Paul the apostle

Eph 1.1-2; Introduction; Paul greets the Ephesians with grace and peace.

Eph 1.3-14; Assurance; Paul lets the Ephesians know of all the spiritual blessings that God has given them in Christ. Chosen to be holy and blameless. Predestined for adoption. Redeemed by Christ’s blood for the forgiveness of tresspasses. Obtained an inheritance and sealed with the Holy Spirit that is a guarantee.

Eph 1.15-23; Thanksgiving; Paul gives thanks to God in prayer for their faith and love. He prays for their increase in wisdom and knowledge, so they may know the hope, inheritance and power they have been called into.

Eph 2.1-10; Assurance; Paul describes their former and current state through Christ’s death and resurrection. In the coming ages God will show them the amazing riches of his grace. They have been saved by grace through faith, not as a result of works. God has prepared works in advance for them to walk in.

Eph 2.11-21; Teaching; Therefore they should remember that as Gentiles they once were apart from Israel. Now because of the blood of Christ they have been made into one body with the Jews. Christ being the cornerstone connecting the two walls of Jews and Gentiles.

Eph 3.1-13; Teaching; The mystery of the gospel revealed to Paul is that the Gentiles are fellow heirs and members of the same body, sharing in the same promises fulfilled in Jesus Christ through the gospel.

Eph 3.14-21; Prayer; For this reason Paul keeps praying the Gentiles may be strengthened in their inner being through the Spirit. That they be grounded in love and know God’s love. Paul is sure God will do even more than he asks. to him be the glory! Amen.

Eph 4.1-16; Instruction-Teaching; Paul urges the church to walk worthy of their calling. They are to be unified. God his given them a measure of Christ’s gifts to build up the church into maturity.

Eph 4.17-32; Instruction; They must no longer walk as the unbelievers do. Assuming they have heard about Christ, they are to put off the old self in its desires and be renewed in the spirit of their minds, putting on their new self.

Eph 5.1-20; Instruction; They should be imitators of God and walk in love as Christ loved them and gave himself up for them. Those who continue in sexual immorality, impurity, and coveting will have no inheritance in the kingdom of God. They are to look carefully how they walk. Giving thanks to the Lord in the name of Lord Jesus.

Eph 5.21-6.9; Instruction; They are to submit to one another in Christ. Wives and Husbands should submit to one another. Husbands should love their wives as Jesus did the church. Children should honor their parents. Parents should not provoke their children to anger.

Eph 6.10-20; Instruction; Paul encourages the whole church to equip themselves with spiritual armour and weapons so they may fight against the present darkness.

Eph 6.21-24; Close; Paul sends his final greetings and sends Tychicus to them so they may be encouraged. He ends with peace, love and grace.