Paul the apostle

Gal 1.1-5; Introduction; Paul introduces himself, pronounces grace on them and describes Christ’s act of deliverance.

Gal 1.6-10; Judgment; Paul is astonished that they have turned to a different gospel. People who preach another gospel should be cursed.

Gal 1.11-24; History; Paul describes his former life in Judaism and how he was called. Through this he was revealed the gospel so he may preach Jesus among the Gentiles.

Gal 2.1-10; History; Paul checked his gospel against the apostles and they found they were preaching the same thing. They approved his ministry to preach to the Gentiles. He was asked to remember the poor.

Gal 2.11-21; Argument; Paul recounts an incident where he opposed Peter because he and others were behaving in a manner that suggested they should live like Jews. Paul continues arguing that the righteous are identified by faith in Christ and not through the Jewish works of law.

Gal 3.1-9; Argument; Paul recalls their experience on hearing the gospel and receiving the Spirit comparing it to when they observed the works of law.

Gal 3.10-14; Argument; Paul gives a series of rapid fire arguments against the Jewish law and point to Christ that confuse most interpreters.

Gal 3.15-29; Argument; Paul explains the salvation history of the Jews and shows it lead up to and was superseded by Christ.

Gal 4.1-7; Argument; Paul compares the role and obligations of slaves and heirs to communicate they have been redeemed from the law and are now adopted as sons of God.

Gal 4.8-20; Concern; Paul names the works of law he is speaking about. He discusses the circumstances he first preached the gospel to them and laments this current turn of events.

Gal 4.21-31; Instruction-Argument; Paul gives an Old Testament example from the law concerning Hagar and Sarah.

Gal 5.1-15; Instruction-Argument; Paul instructs them not to submit again to the law, saying that if they get circumcised (ouch), they will have abandoned Christ and become obligated to obey the whole law. Instead he says they should love, which fulfills the whole law.

Gal 5.16-25; Instruction-Warning; Paul compares the works of the flesh, which he warned them off previously, with the fruits of the Spirit. Those who have the Spirit will evidence these signs, implying they should seek them.

Gal 6.1-10; Instruction; Paul instructs them on how to restore transgressors and encourages them to do good to one another in order to reap a eternal life.

Gal 6.11-18; Warning-Close; Paul gives a final warning and finishes the letter.