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Php 1.1-2; Introduction; Paul and Timothy greet the Philippians with grace and peace.

Php 1.3-11; Assurance-Prayer; Paul gives thanks for the Philippians because he is confident God will bring their holiness to completion. He prays they may know God’s will and their love will keep growing.

Php 1.12-18; History-Teaching; Paul is in prison for preaching the gospel. Others preach the gospel with the wrong motives. But Paul is happy Christ is preached regardless.

Php 1.19-30; Instruction-Teaching; Paul weighs the benefits of dying or living. He encourages them to live unified in a manner worthy of the gospel despite opposition.

Php 2.1-11; Instruction; Paul instructs them to serve others in humility, looking to Jesus’ life, death and resurrection as the model by which they should live.

Php 2.12-18; Instruction-Teaching; Paul instructs them to continue obeying, working out their salvation with fear. He instructs them not to grumble or be disruptive so they may be innocent and blameless when they are presented before God.

Php 2.19-30; Dialogue-Instruction; Paul will be sending Timothy and Epaphroditus. He commends them both.

Php 3.1-11; Instruction; Paul warns them away from the Judaizers and encourages them to strive for their resurrection by imitating the life, suffering and death of Christ.

Php 3.12-21; Instruction-Teaching; Paul continues to strive for this goal and he encourages them to imitate him doing the same.

Php 4.1-9; Instructions; Paul encourages them to keep praying and giving thanks to God. He instructs they to pursue whatever is honourable, pure, lovely and commendable.

Php 4.10-20; Dialogue; Paul has learned how to be content in every situation. He is greatly encouraged by their concern for him and has been blessed by the provision he has received.

Php 4.21-23; Close; Paul gives some final greetings.