1 Peter

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1 Pet 1.1-2; Introduction; Peter greets the elect exiles of the dispersion with grace and peace.

1 Pet 1.3-12; Assurance-Teaching; Peter describes their new birth and hope through Christ’s resurrection. He acknowledges their current suffering but encourages them by sharing the good things destined for them in the future. He explains how the gospel was prophesied in the past and how blessed they are to be in this time period.

1 Pet 1.13-25; Instruction; In the light of this Peter calls them to be holy in their conduct and consider the future judgment. He reminds them of their ransom by the cross and then describes their hope and the gospel.

1 Pet 2.1-12; Instruction; Peter continues to instruct them, telling them to put away malice and dishonesty. They are living stones built into a spiritual house where Christ is the cornerstone. They are a royal priesthood, a holy nation who have received mercy, so their lives should now reflect this so non believers may glorify God.

1 Pet 2.13-25; Instruction; Peter instructs them to be subject to human authorities. By doing good they will silence the criticism of non believers. Servants should be subject to their masters. If anyone suffers they should remember the example of Christ and the good that came of it.

1 Pet 3.1-7; Instruction; Peter instructs wives to live godly lives. If they have unbelieving husbands they may be won over by their actions in addition to the gospel. Husbands are to be understanding with their wives and honour them.

1 Pet 3.8-22; Instruction; Peter instructs them to be unified, sympathetic, loving, tender and humble. Because the Lord blesses people like these. They should be prepared to defend what they believe and have a good conscience. It is better to suffer for doing good because Christ did the same with great benefit for others.

1 Pet 4.1-11; Instruction; In the light of Christ’s suffering they are to persevere with the same way of thinking. Not living as the unbelievers do, but being self-controlled, sober, loving, and sincere. Each should use their gifts to serve one another and glorify God.

1 Pet 4.12-19; Teaching-Assurance; They should not be ashamed of the suffering they are experiencing. They are suffering because they have the Spirit. Those who suffer should glorify God. Judgment begins and is light with God’s people but will be severe with those who do not obey the gospel.

1 Pet 5.1-11; Instruction-Assurance; Peter gives instructions to the overseers of the church. They should do it without thought for gain, or to domineer, but to be good examples. All should be humble because God opposes the proud. They should pray and resist the devil. After a little suffering God will restore, confirm and establish them.

1 Pet 5.12-14; Close; Peter sends parting greetings from Silvanus, ‘she who is at Babylon’ and Mark with peace.