The Gospel of Matthew presents Jesus as Israel’s Messiah. The account alternates between Jesus’ activities of healing and casting out demons, and major blocks of his teaching, including the Sermon on the Mount (chs. 5–7), the Parables of the Kingdom (ch. 13), and the Olivet Discourse (chs. 24–25). The Sermon on the Mount includes the Beatitudes (5:3–12) and the Lord’s Prayer (6:5–15). The book closes with the Great Commission (28:18–20). A recurring theme is the conflict between Jesus and the religious leaders, culminating in his pronouncement of “seven woes” upon them (ch. 23). As do all four Gospel accounts, Matthew focuses on Christ’s three-year ministry and his death and resurrection. Matthew probably wrote his Gospel in the 50s or 60s A.D. (Matthew, Anon, 2001. The Holy Bible: English Standard Version, Wheaton: Standard Bible Society.)

40 Wordle Matthew

Mt 1.1; Genealogy; Summary statement for the genealogy of Jesus who is called Christ

Mt 1.2-6; Genealogy; From Abraham to David

Mt 1.7-11; Genealogy; From David to Jechoniah, and the Babylonian deportation

Mt 1.12-16; Genealogy; From Jechoniah and the Babylonian deportation to Jesus, who is called Christ.

Mt 1.17; Genealogy; Summary statement,

Abraham to David 14 generations,

David to the Babylonian deportation 14 generations,

The Babylonian deportation to Jesus the Christ 14 generations.

Mt 1.18-25; Prophecy fulfilled; The virgin shall conceive, they will call him Jesus (Isa 7.14)

Mt 2.1-12; Prophecy fulfilled; Herod sends the Wise men to search for the Christ in Bethlehem (Mic 5.2)

Mt 2.13-15; Prophecy fulfilled; An angel sends Joseph and his family to Egypt (Hos 11.1)

Mt 2.16-18; Prophecy fulfilled; Herod kills Israelite children hoping to kill the Christ (Jer 31.15)

Mt 2.19-23; Prophecy fulfilled; After Herod’s death they return to Israel and live in Nazareth (unknown)

Mt 3.1-6 Prophecy fulfilled; John the baptist proclaiming repentance for the kingdom of heaven is at hand (Isa 40.3)

Mt 3.7-12; Story; John warns people of the wrath to come and predicts the coming Christ

Mt 3.13-17; Story; John baptises Jesus and the Father says Jesus is his beloved son, with whom he is well pleased.

Mt 4.1-11; Story; Satan tempts Jesus, ‘if you are the Son of God…’ Jesus resists the devil.

Mt 4.12-16; Prophecy fulfilled; John the baptist is captured, Jesus withdraws to Zebulun and Naphtali (Isa 9.1-2; 42.7)

Mt 4.17; Story; Jesus begins his ministry proclaiming repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

Mt 4.18-22; Story; Jesus calls his first disciples

Mt 4.23-25; Story; Jesus proclaims the gospel that the kingdom of heaven is coming, heals many people and attracts many crowds.

Mt 5.1-12; Story; Jesus pronounces a series of blessings on various kinds of people

Mt 5.13-16; Instruction; Jesus exhorts the people not to lose their positive influence on the world

Mt 5.17-20; Prophecy; Jesus came so that the goal of the law would be fulfilled in others

Mt 5.21-26; Instruction; Jesus warns people about anger

Mt 5.27-30; Instruction; Jesus warns married people about lust

Mt 5.31-32; Instruction; Jesus warns against divorce and adultery

Mt 5.33-37; Instruction; Jesus instructs people not to take oaths, but to be honest

Mt 5.38-42; Instruction; Jesus instructs people not to retaliate, but to assist

Mt 5.43-48; Instruction; Jesus instructs people not to hate their enemies, but to love

Mt 6.1-4; Instruction; Jesus instructs the people to give to others in secret

Mt 6.5-15; Instruction; Jesus instructs people how to pray quickly and to forgive others

Mt 6.16-18; Instruction; Jesus instructs people to fast in secret

Mt 6.19-34; Instruction; Jesus instructs people how to view their wealth and savings

Mt 7.1-5; Instruction; Jesus warns people against judging others

Mt 7.6; Instruction; Jesus warns against giving good teaching to evil people

Mt 7.7-11; Instruction; Jesus instructs people to ask God for the things they need

Mt 7.12-14; Instruction; Law and prophets summary – Do unto others as you would have them do to you. Seek life by the narrow path, many will not enter.

Mt 7.15-20; Instruction; Recognising people by their fruits (justification by works)

Mt 7.21-23; Instruction; Understanding not all those who profess and work are known by God.

Mt 7.24-27; Instruction; Blessing and curse depending on how Jesus instructions are received.

Mt 7.28-29; Instruction; Summary statement, Jesus teaches with his own authority

Mt 8.1-4; Miracle; Jesus cleanses a leper

Mt 8.5-13; Miracle; The centurion believes Jesus can heal with his word, he is commended for his faith and set as an example for future Gentile believers.

Mt 8.14-17; Miracles & Prophecy fulfilled; Jesus heals many people (Isa 53.4)

Mt 8.18-22; Story; Jesus gives cryptic answers to those who say they want to follow him

Mt 8.23-27; Miracle & Authority; Jesus calms a storm

Mt 8.28-34; Miracle; Jesus restores two men with demons, the demons possess some pigs, the pigs suicide and the locals ask Jesus to leave.

Mt 9.1-8; Miracle & Authority; Jesus has authority to forgive sins, Jesus healed the paralytic.

Mt 9.9-13; Law; Jesus calls people in his mercy, he rebukes those who prefer to sacrifice.

Mt 9.14-17; Story; Jesus explains why his disciples do not fast. New system, new rules.

Mt 9.18-26; Miracle; Jesus heals a woman with bleeding and raises a girl to life.

Mt 9.27-34; Miracle; Jesus heals two blind men and a mute. His fame spreads

Mt 9.35-38; Story; Description of Jesus’ ministry and a request to pray for more people involved in that ministry.

Mt 10.1-15; Commission; Jesus calls the twelve apostles and sends them out to proclaim the gospel – the kingdom of God is at hand

Mt 10.16-33; Commission; Jesus warns Christians of persecution to come, but tells us not to be afraid

Mt 10.34-42; Commission; Jesus talks about the division, conflict and rewards that come as a result of following him

Mt 11.1-19; Prophecy fulfilled; John the baptist and Jesus rejected as foretold (Mal 3.1; 4.5)

Mt 11.20-30; Story; Jesus proclaims judgement for those who reject him and rest for those who come to him.

Mt 12.1-8; Law; Jesus voids certain sabbath laws in favour of providing for others (mercy, sacrifice). If you’re the Christ or with the Christ, you are exempt from various laws.

Mt 12.9-14; Law; Jesus heals on the sabbath and the Jews plot to destroy him.

Mt 12.15-21; Prophecy fulfilled; Jesus heals many and asks them to be quiet (Isa 42.1-4)

Mt 12.22-32; Miracle; Jesus heals a demon possessed man and warns against speaking against the Holy Spirit.

Mt 12.33-50; Story; Jesus proclaims judgement on all those who reject him using analogies, historical examples and even family.

Mt 13.1-23; Parable-Prophecy fulfilled; Parable of the sower. Judgement on people who don’t understand (Isa 6.9) Jesus explains the parable to those who remain.

Mt 13.24-30; Story; Parable of the weeds, allowed to coexist for a while

Mt 13.31-33; Story; Parable of mustard seed and leaven.

Mt 13.34-35; Prophecy fulfilled; Jesus fulfills scripture in telling parables (Ps 78.2).

Mt 13.36-43; Story; Parable of the weeds explained. Coming judgement on all causes of sin and law breakers.

Mt 13.44-50; Story; Parables of hidden treasure, pearl of great value, and the net.

Mt 13.51-52; Story; Jesus asks the disciples if they understand.

Mt 13.53-58; Prophecy fulfilled; Jesus rejected in his hometown (Jer 11.21; 12.6)

Mt 14.1-12; Story; John the baptist beheaded by herod, who later believes Jesus to be John raised from the dead.

Mt 14.13-21; Miracle; Jesus feeds five thousand men bread and fish.

Mt 14.22-33; Miracle & Declaration; Jesus walks on water, Peter walks on water, but struggles. They declare Jesus the Son of God.

Mt 14.34-36; Miracles; Jesus continues to heal many in Gennesaret

Mt 15.1-9; Law & Prophecy fulfilled; Jesus disciples break tradition, the Pharisees break God’s law (Isa 29.13)

Mt 15.10-20; Law; Evil thoughts from a mans heart make someone unclean, not the food that goes into their mouth.

Mt 15.21-28; Miracle; The Canaanite woman who kept pursuing Jesus because of her belief

Mt 15.29-31; Miracle; Jesus keeps healing many people and they the glorified God of Israel

Mt 15.32-39; Miracle; Jesus feeds the four thousand with bread and fish. They all ate and were satisfied.

Mt 16.1-12; Conflict; The Pharisees and Sadducees test Jesus and later Jesus warns they beware their teaching.

Mt 16.13-20; Confession; Jesus asks his disciples who he is and Peter confesses he is the Christ

Mt 16.21-23; Prophecy; Jesus foretells His Death and Resurrection. Peter is not ready to follow Jesus unto death.

Mt 16.24-28; Instruction; Jesus says to follow him one must deny themselves, take their cross and follow him.

Mt 17.1-13; Story; Jesus is transfigured. He predicts his suffering and resurrection. He speaks of John the Baptist.

Mt 17.14-20; Miracle; Jesus heals a boy with a demon and rebukes the disciples for having little faith.

Mt 17.21; The missing verse.

Mt 17.22-23; Prophecy; Jesus foretells His Death and Resurrection. His disciples were greatly distressed.

Mt 17.24-27; Story-Instruction; Jesus pays the temple tax, but claims the sons of the King are exempt.

Mt 18.1-6; Instruction; The disciples ask who is the greatest? Jesus says turn and be like this child who came to him.

Mt 18.7-9; Instruction; Warnings about temptation, instruction on how to deal with sin and the consequences of sin.

Mt 18.10-14; Parable; The Lost Sheep. The man with one hundred sheep rejoices in finding the one who went astray.

Mt 18.15-20; Instruction; Looking out for the brother who sinned against you who has gone astray.

Mt 18.21-35; Parable-Instruction; The unforgiving servant. Forgive as you have been forgiven.

Mt 19.1-12; Instruction; Jesus is tested on divorce by the Pharisees. Jesus gives equal rights to wives and speaks on singleness.

Mt 19.13-15; Story; Children are brought to Jesus and some try to stop it. Jesus says to such belongs the kingdom.

Mt 19.16-30; Story-Instruction; The rich young man. With God all things are possible.

Mt 20.1-16; Parable-Instruction; Laborers in the Vineyard. Don’t let God’s grace to people saved after you offend.

Mt 20.17-19; Prophecy; Jesus foretells His Death and Resurrection.

Mt 20.20-28; Story-Instruction; The mother of the sons of Zebedee requests they be raised on high. Jesus teaches on true greatness.

Mt 20.29-34; Miracle; Jesus heals two blind men who named Jesus the son of David.

Mt 21.1-11; Prophecy fulfilled; Jesus enters Jerusalem on a donkey (Zec 9.9; Isa 62.11).

Mt 21.12-17; Story; Jesus cleanses the Temple of money-changers, heals people and the priests get indignant

Mt 21.18-22; Story-Miracle; Jesus curses the fig tree for bearing no fruit

Mt 21.23-27; Story; Jesus enters the temple again and has his authority challenged. His authority is from heaven.

Mt 21.28-32; Parable-Judgment; Parable of the two sons, one says ‘no’ but later does, the other says ‘yes’ but never does.

Mt 21.33-46; Parable-Judgment; Parable of the Tenants who mistreat all the owners messengers and then his son.

Mt 22.1-14; Parable-Judgment; Parable of the wedding feast. Jesus teaches many are called, but few are chosen.

Mt 22.15-22; Story-Conflict; The Pharisees try and trick Jesus asking whether it is lawful to pay taxes to Caesar.

Mt 22.23-33; Story-Conflict; The Sadducees ask Jesus a question to mock the resurrection. Jesus corrects them.

Mt 22.34-40; Story-Instruction; Jesus is asked by a lawyer of the greatest commandment. The great commandments.

Mt 22.41-46; Story-Conflict; Pharisees ask Jesus about the Christ and about what David said of the Christ (Ps 110.1).

Mt 23.1-39; Judgment; Jesus pronounces a massive condemnation on the Scribes and Pharisees.

Mt 24.1-14; Prophecy; Jesus tells of the signs announcing the end of the age

Mt 24.15-28; Prophecy; Jesus speaks of Daniel’s prophecy, the abomination of desolation and other events (Dan 9.27; 11.31; 12.11).

Mt 24.29-31; Prophecy; Jesus predicts the coming of the Son of Man on the clouds of Heaven. He will gather the elect.

Mt 24.32-35; Instruction; Learn the lesson from the fig tree. When the season comes they will all happen.

Mt 24.36-51; Prophecy; No one knows the day and hour when these will happen. Be found doing the right thing, otherwise the wicked will be punished.

Mt 25.1-13; Parable-Instruction; Parable of the Ten Virgins. Wise and foolish. We will not know the day or hour.

Mt 25.14-30; Parable-Instruction; Parable of the Talents. Three servants are expected to give a return for the master.

Mt 25.31-46; Prophecy; The Final Judgment. The wicked go into eternal punishment, the righteous into eternal life

Mt 26.1-5; Story; The Plot to Kill Jesus

Mt 26.6-13; Story; Jesus Anointed at Bethany

Mt 26.14-16; Story; Judas to Betray Jesus

Mt 26.17-25; Story; The Passover with the Disciples

Mt 26.26-29; Story; Institution of the Lord’s Supper

Mt 26.30-35; Story; Jesus Foretells Peter’s Denial

Mt 26.36-46; Story; Jesus Prays in Gethsemane

Mt 26.47-56; Story; Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus

Mt 26.57-68; Story; Jesus Before Caiaphas and the Council

Mt 26.69-75; Story; Peter Denies Jesus

Mt 27.1-2; Story; Jesus Delivered to Pilate

Mt 27.3-10; Prophecy fulfilled; Judas Hangs Himself (Zec 11.13)

Mt 27.11-14; Story; Jesus Before Pilate

Mt 27.15-23; Story; The Crowd Chooses Barabbas

Mt 27.24-26; Story; Pilate Delivers Jesus to Be Crucified

Mt 27.27-31; Story; Jesus Is Mocked

Mt 27.32-44; Story; The Crucifixion

Mt 27.45-56; Story; The Death of Jesus

Mt 27.57-61; Story; Jesus Is Buried

Mt 27.62-65; Story; The Guard at the Tomb

Mt 28.1-10; Story; The Resurrection

Mt 28.11-15; Story; The Report of the Guard

Mt 28.16-20; Story; The Great Commission

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