1 Kings

First Kings begins with the death of King David (about 970 B.C.) and the reign of his son, Solomon, who “excelled all the kings of the earth in riches and in wisdom” (10:23). Solomon’s unfaithfulness later in life set the stage for general apostasy among the people. The harsh policies of his son Rehoboam led to the revolt of the northern tribes and the division of Israel. The northern tribes would subsequently be called Israel, while the southern tribes would be called Judah. First Kings describes the construction of the temple in Jerusalem and shows the importance of proper worship. God’s faithfulness to his people is shown as he sent prophets, most notably Elijah, to warn them not to serve other gods. The author of 1 Kings is unknown. (1 Kings, 2001. The Holy Bible: English Standard Version, Wheaton: Standard Bible Society.)

11 Wordle 1 Kings

1 Ki 1.1-4; David; David in His Old Age

1 Ki 1.5-10; David; Adonijah Sets Himself Up as King

1 Ki 1.11-27; David; Nathan and Bathsheba Before David

1 Ki 1.28-53; David; Solomon Anointed King

1 Ki 2.1-9; David; David’s Instructions to Solomon

1 Ki 2.10-12; Solomon; The Death of David

1 Ki 2.13-46; Solomon; Solomon’s Reign Established

1 Ki 3.1-15; Solomon; Solomon’s Prayer for Wisdom

1 Ki 3.16-28; Solomon; Solomon’s Wisdom

1 Ki 4.1-19; Solomon; Solomon’s Officials

1 Ki 4.20-34; Solomon; Solomon’s Wealth and Wisdom

1 Ki 5.1-18; Solomon; Preparations for Building the Temple

1 Ki 6.1-13; Solomon; Solomon Builds the Temple and the LORD makes him promises

1 Ki 6.14-38; Solomon; Solomon finishes building the Temple

1 Ki 7.1-12; Solomon; Solomon Builds His Palace

1 Ki 7.13-51; Solomon; The Temple Furnishings

1 Ki 8.1-11; Solomon; The Ark Brought into the Temple

1 Ki 8.12-21; Solomon; Solomon Blesses the LORD

1 Ki 8.22-53; Solomon; Solomon’s Prayer of Dedication

1 Ki 8.54-61; Solomon; Solomon’s Benediction

1 Ki 8.62-66; Solomon; Solomon’s Sacrifices

1 Ki 9.1-9; Solomon; The LORD Appears to Solomon

1 Ki 9.10-28; Solomon; Solomon’s Other Acts

1 Ki 10.1-13; Solomon; The Queen of Sheba

1 Ki 10.14-29; Solomon; Solomon’s Great Wealth

1 Ki 11.1-13; Solomon; Solomon Turns from the LORD

1 Ki 11.14-43; Solomon; The LORD Raises Adversaries

1 Ki 12.1-15; Rehoboam; Rehoboam’s Folly

1 Ki 12.16-24; Rehoboam; Jeroboam; The Kingdom Divided

1 Ki 12.25-33; Rehoboam; Jeroboam; Jeroboam’s Golden Calves

1 Ki 13.1-10; Rehoboam; Jeroboam; A Man of God Confronts Jeroboam

1 Ki 13.11-34; Rehoboam; Jeroboam; The Prophet’s Disobedience

1 Ki 14.1-18; Rehoboam; Jeroboam; Prophecy Against Jeroboam

1 Ki 14.19-20; Rehoboam; Jeroboam; The Death of Jeroboam

1 Ki 14.21-41; Rehoboam; Jeroboam; Rehoboam Reigns in Judah

1 Ki 15.1-8; Abijam; Jeroboam; Abijam Reigns in Judah

1 Ki 15.9-24; Asa; Jeroboam; Asa Reigns In Judah

1 Ki 15.25-32; Asa; Nadab; Nadab Reigns in Israel

1 Ki 15.33-16.7; Asa; Baasha; Baasha Reigns in Israel

1 Ki 16.8-14; Asa; Elah; Elah Reigns in Israel

1 Ki 16.15-20; Asa; Zimri; Zimri Reigns in Israel

1 Ki 16.21-28; Asa; Omri; Omri Reigns in Israel

1 Ki 16.29-34; Jehoshaphat; Ahab; Ahab Reigns in Israel

1 Ki 17.1-7; Jehoshaphat; Ahab-Elijah; Elijah Predicts a Drought

1 Ki 17.8-16; Jehoshaphat; Ahab-Elijah; The Widow of Zarephath

1 Ki 17.17-24; Jehoshaphat; Ahab-Elijah; Elijah Raises the Widow’s Son

1 Ki 18.1-19; Jehoshaphat; Ahab-Elijah; Elijah Confronts Ahab

1 Ki 18.20-40; Jehoshaphat; Ahab-Elijah; The Prophets of Baal Defeated

1 Ki 18.41-46; Jehoshaphat; Ahab-Elijah; The LORD Sends Rain

1 Ki 19.1-8; Jehoshaphat; Ahab-Elijah; Elijah Flees Jezebel

1 Ki 19.9-18; Jehoshaphat; Ahab-Elijah; The LORD Speaks to Elijah

1 Ki 19.19-21; Jehoshaphat; Ahab-Elijah; The Call of Elisha

1 Ki 20.1-12; Jehoshaphat; Ahab-Elijah; Ahab’s Wars with Syria

1 Ki 20.13-25; Jehoshaphat; Ahab-Elijah; Ahab Defeats Ben-hadad

1 Ki 20.26-34; Jehoshaphat; Ahab-Elijah; Ahab Defeats Ben-hadad Again

1 Ki 20.35-43; Jehoshaphat; Ahab-Elijah; A Prophet Condemns Ben-hadad’s Release

1 Ki 21.1-16; Jehoshaphat; Ahab-Elijah; Naboth’s Vineyard

1 Ki 21.17-24; Jehoshaphat; Ahab-Elijah; The LORD Condemns Ahab

1 Ki 21.25-29; Jehoshaphat; Ahab-Elijah; Ahab’s Repentance

1 Ki 22.1-12; Jehoshaphat; Ahab-Micaiah; Ahab and the False Prophets

1 Ki 22.13-28; Jehoshaphat; Ahab-Micaiah; Micaiah Prophesies Against Ahab

1 Ki 22.29-40; Jehoshaphat; Ahab; Ahab Killed in Battle

1 Ki 22.41-50; Jehoshaphat; Ahab-Ahaziah; Jehoshaphat Reigns in Judah

1 Ki 22.51-53; Jehoshaphat; Ahaziah; Ahaziah Reigns in Israel