Judges is named after an interesting collection of individuals who led Israel after Joshua’s death until the rise of the monarchy under Samuel (up to about 1050 B.C.). In this time of national decline, despite their promise to keep the covenant (Josh. 24:16–18) the people turned from the Lord and began to worship other gods. “Everyone did what was right in his own eyes” (17:6; 21:25). A pattern repeats throughout the book: 1) the people abandoned the Lord; 2) God punished them by raising up a foreign power to oppress them; 3) the people cried out to God for deliverance; and 4) God raised up a deliverer, or judge, for them. The author of the book is unknown, although some Jewish tradition ascribes it to Samuel. (Judges, 2001. The Holy Bible: English Standard Version, Wheaton: Standard Bible Society.)

07 Judges wordle

Jdg 1.1-26; Story; The Continuing Conquest of Canaan

Jdg 1.27-36; Story; Failure to Complete the Conquest

07 Jdg 1 angel rebukes Israel

Jdg 2.1-5; Judgment; An angel comes and judges Israel for disobedience

Jdg 2.6-10; Story; The Death of Joshua. The people who remain do not know what the LORD has done

Jdg 2.11-15; Story-Sin; The people of Israel did what was evil in the sight of the Lord and served the Baals

Jdg 2.16-23; Repeating Pattern;

1. The Lord raises up a judge,

2. The judge saves Israel,

3. Israel does not listen and disobeys the LORD,

4. The LORD sends a foreign nation to oppress Israel,

5. Israel cries out to the LORD

Jdg 3.1-6; Story; Israel to be tested by the LORD is amongst other nations and intermarries

Jdg 3.7-11; Story; The LORD raises up the judge Othniel

07 ehud left handerJdg 3.12-30; Story; The LORD raises up the judge Ehud. Fat closes over his blade in the toilet.

Jdg 3.31; Story; The LORD raises up the judge Shamgar

Jdg 4.1-16; Story; The LORD raises up the judge Deborah vs. Barak

07 jael sisera tent peg

Jdg 4.17-24; Story; Sisera fled away on foot to the tent of Jael. Big mistake.

Jdg 5.1-31; Song; The Song of Deborah and Barak

Jdg 6.1-10; Story; Midian Oppresses Israel

Jdg 6.11-35; Story; The Call of Gideon

07 gideon fleece

Jdg 6.36-40; Story; Gideon’s sign of the Fleece

Jdg 7.1-18; Story; Gideon’s Three Hundred Men

Jdg 7.19-25; Story; Gideon Defeats Midian

Jdg 8.1-21; Story; Gideon Defeats Zebah and Zalmunna

Jdg 8.22-28; Story; Gideon’s Ephod

Jdg 8.29-35; Story; The Death of Gideon

Jdg 9.1-21; Story; Abimelech’s Conspiracy

07 abimelech death

Jdg 9.22-57; Story; The Downfall of Abimelech

Jdg 10.1-5; Story; Tola and Jair

Jdg 10.6-18; Story; Further Disobedience and Oppression

07 jephthahs daughter

Jdg 11.1-28; Story; Jephthah Delivers Israel

Jdg 11.29-40; Story; Jephthah’s Tragic Vow

Jdg 12.1-7; Story; Jephthah’s Conflict with Ephraim

Jdg 12.8-12; Story; Ibzan, Elon, and Abdon

Jdg 13.1-13; Story; The Birth of Samson

Jdg 14.1-20; Story; Samson’s Marriage

Jdg 15.1-20; Story; Samson Defeats the Philistines

07 samson delilah

Jdg 16.1-22; Story; Samson and Delilah

Jdg 16.23-31; Story; The Death of Samson

Jdg 17.1-13; Story; Micah and the Levite

07 victim benjamites

Jdg 18.1-31; Story; Danites Take the Levite and the Idol

Jdg 19.1-21; Story; A Levite and His Concubine

Jdg 19.22-30; Story; Gibeah’s Crime

Jdg 20.1-48; Story; Israel’s War with the Tribe of Benjamin

07 Daughters of ShilohJdg 21.1-25; Story; Wives Provided for the Tribe of Benjamin