16 Wordle Nehemiah

Neh 1.1-3; Story; Report from Jerusalem

Neh 1.4-11; Prayer; Nehemiah’s Prayer

Neh 2.1-8; Story; Nehemiah Sent to Judah

Neh 2.9-20; Story; Nehemiah Inspects Jerusalem’s Walls

Neh 3.1-32; Story; Rebuilding the Wall

Neh 4.1-14; Story; Opposition to the Work

Neh 4.15-23; Story; The Work Resumes

Neh 5.1-13; Story; Nehemiah Stops Oppression of the Poor

Neh 5.14-19; Story; Nehemiah boasts and asks the LORD remember him

Neh 6.1-14; Story; Conspiracy Against Nehemiah

Neh 6.15-7.4; Story; The Wall Is Finished

Neh 7.5-65; Record; Lists of Returned Exiles

Neh 7.66-73; Record; Totals of People and Gifts

Neh 8.1-8; Story; Ezra Reads the Law

Neh 8.9-12; Story; This Day Is Holy

Neh 8.13-18; Story; Feast of Booths Celebrated

Neh 9.1-38; Story-Prayer; The People of Israel Confess Their Sin

Neh 10.1-27; Story; The People Who Sealed the Covenant

Neh 10.28-39; Story; The Obligations of the Covenant

Neh 11.1-24; Record; The Leaders in Jerusalem

Neh 11.25-36; Record; Villages Outside Jerusalem

Neh 12.1-26; Record; Priests and Levites

Neh 12.27-43; Story-Record; Dedication of the Wall

Neh 12.44-47; Story-Record; Service at the Temple

Neh 13.1-31; Story; Nehemiah’s Final Reforms