Exodus tells of God fulfilling his promise to Abraham by multiplying Abraham’s descendants into a great nation, delivering them from slavery in Egypt, leading them to the Promised Land, and then binding them to himself with a covenant at Mount Sinai. Moses, under the direct command of God and as leader of Israel, received the Ten Commandments from God, along with other laws governing Israel’s life and worship. He also led the nation in the building of the tabernacle, a place where God’s presence dwelled among his people and where they made sacrifices for sin. Traditionally, Jews and Christians recognize Moses as the author, writing sometime after the Exodus from Egypt. (The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. (2001). (Ex). Wheaton: Standard Bible Society.)

02 Wordle Exodus

Ex 1.1-7; Story; Recap of the end of Genesis, the story continues

Ex 1.8-22; Story; The Egyptians were on dread of the multiplying Hebrews. Hebrews put in slavery.

Ex 2.1-10; Story; Moses is born and drawn out of the water

Ex 2.11-15; Story; Moses flees to Midian

Ex 2.16-22; Story; Moses saves the flock and gets a wife

Ex 2.23-25; Story; God heard Israels cries in slavery and remembers his covenant

Ex 3.1-8; Story; God renews his promises

Ex 3.9-22; Story; God instructs Moses to go back to Egypt and rescue his people

Ex 4.1-17; Story; Moses tries to get out of Gods request

Ex 4.18-23; Story; Moses is to return and command the release of Israel God’s firstborn son

Ex 4.24-26; Story; The LORD tries to kill Moses because his son was uncircumcised

Ex 4.27-31; Story; Moses and Aaron tell Israel and the people believe

Ex 5.1-23; Story; Pharaoh rejects the LORDs demands and places greater burdens on Israel

Ex 6.1-13; Story; The LORD promises deliverance and sends Moses in again

Ex 6.14-27; Genealogy; The family record of Moses and Aaron

Ex 6.28-30; Story; Recounting the LORD’s commission of Moses and Moses protest
02 Gods snake wins (640x419)

Ex 7.1-13; Story; Moses and Aaron confront Pharaoh again

Ex 7.14-25; Story; Plague 1, God turns the Mile river into blood. Pharaoh remains hardened

Ex 8.1-15; Story; Moses confronts, Plague 2, God brings frogs, Pharaoh relents, but later hardens

Ex 8.16-19; Story; Plague 3, God brings gnat’s, Pharaoh remains hardened

Ex 8.20-32; Story; Moses confronts, Plague 4, God brings flies, except Israel, Pharaoh relents, but later hardens

Ex 9.1-7; Story; Moses confronts, Plague 5, God brings livestock plague, except Israel, Pharaoh remains hard

Ex 9.8-12; Story; Plague 6, God gives the Egyptians boils on their skin, Pharaoh remains hardened

Ex 9.13-35; Story; Moses confronts, Plague 7, God sends hail, except on Israel, Pharaoh relents, later hardens

Ex 10.1-2; Story; The LORD commands Moses to go to Pharaoh again

Ex 10.3-6; Story; Moses confronts Pharaoh

Ex 10.7-11; Story; Moses called back into Pharaoh and they negotiate unsuccessfully

Ex 10.12-20; Story; Plague 8, God sends locusts, Pharaoh relents, later hardens

Ex 10.21-23; Story; Plague 9, God sends a great darkness for three days

Ex 10.24-29; Story; Moses and Pharaoh unsuccessfully negotiate, the LORD hardened Pharaoh’s heart

Ex 11.1-3; Story; The LORD commands Moses to prepare Israel for leaving Egypt

Ex 11.4-10; Story; Moses confronts Pharaoh predicting the LORD’s last plague

Ex 12.1-13; Story; The LORD instructs Moses regarding the first Passover feast

Ex 12.14-20; Law; Passover and the Feast of Unleavened bread to remember deliverance from Egypt

Ex 12.21-28; Story; Moses instructs the people about the Passover, the people do as commanded

02 Death of the firstbornEx 12.29-36; Story; Plague 10, God struck down all the unprotected firstborn, the people of Israel leave

02 Exodus

Ex 12.37-42; Story; Israel’s journey begins, summary of important facts, including 430 years in Egypt

Ex 12.43-51; Law; Passover reiterated with more detail

Ex 13.1-2; Law; The LORD commands Moses to consecrate all the firstborn. The firstborn are the LORDs

Ex 13.3-10; Law; Festival of unleavened bread to commemorate coming out of Egypt

Ex 13.11-16; Law; Consecration of the firstborn as a sign and remembrance of their deliverance from slavery

Ex 13.17-22; Story; The LORD guides Israel as a Pillar of Cloud and Fire

Ex 14.1-9; Story; Pharaoh pursues Israel

Ex 14.10-14; Story; Israel fears Pharaoh and regrets leaving Egypt

Ex 14.15-31; Story; The LORD saved Israel passing through the red sea and destroys Pharaoh

Ex 15.1-21; Story; The song of Moses about the LORD’s victory and salvation

Ex 15.22-27; Story; Bitter water made sweet, the LORD commands the people to listen and obey with a promise

Ex 16.1-3; Sin-Story; The people grumble at the LORD thinking Egypt was better

Ex 16.4-36; Sin-Law; The LORD hears Israel’s grumbling and gives them a law to test them. They fail.

02 Water from the rockEx 17.1-7; Sin-Story; The people grumble against the LORD and he gives them water from the rock

Ex 17.8-16; Story; Israel defeats Amalek by Moses raising his hand

Ex 18.1-9; Story; Moses recounts to Jethro (his father in law) how the LORD saved them from Egypt

Ex 18.10-12; Story; Jethro blesses the LORD and makes a burnt offering

Ex 18.13-27; Story; Moses on Jethro’s advice delegates some judgement responsibility

Ex 19.1-6; Story; Israel comes to the wilderness of Sinai and the LORD says his people shall be a kingdom of priests and a holy nation

Ex 19.7-15; Story; The LORD says he will come down on the third say so Israel should be consecrated

Ex 19.16-25; Story; The LORD comes down on the third day and warns the people to remain separate

Ex 20.1-17; Law; The LORD gives the Ten Commandments

  1. You shall have no other gods before me
  2. You shall not make carved images or likeness of any god and serve them
  3. You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain
  4. Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy (creation and salvation)
  5. Honor your father and mother, promise that your days may long in the land God is giving
  6. You shall not murder
  7. You shall not commit adultery
  8. You shall not steal
  9. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour
  10. You shall not covet what your neighbour has

Ex 20.18-21; Story; The people fear the LORD, Moses says God is testing them so they may not sin

Ex 20.22-23; Law; Repeated Law on worshipping other gods

Ex 20.24-28; Law; Laws about altars, sacrifices and offerings

Ex 21.1-11; Law; Laws about bondservants

Ex 21.12-27; Law; Laws about human rights

Ex 21.28-36; Law; Laws about agriculture

Ex 22.1-15; Law; Punishments and Restitution for damage to others

Ex 22.16-23.9; Law; Miscellaneous laws for a variety of occurrences, Social Justice laws

Ex 23.10-19; Law; Repeated Laws about Sabbaths and Festivals

Ex 23.20-22; Story; The LORD will send an angel before them to bring them into the promised land (cf. Joshua)

Ex 23.23-33; Story; Blessings for obedience and warnings about upcoming temptations

Ex 24.1-8; Story; Moses repeats all the laws to the people, they agree and come under the blood of the covenant.

Ex 24.9-18; Story; Moses and Joshua head up onto Mt Sinai to receive the tablets from God.

Ex 25.1-9; Story; A contribution for the tabernacle that the LORD may dwell in their midst.

02 Ark of the Covenant

Ex 25.10-22; Story; Instructions for the Ark of the Covenant (Law) and mercy seat

Ex 25.23-30; Story; Instructions for the Bread Table

Ex 25.31-40; Story; Instructions for the Golden Lampstand

Ex 26.1-37; Story; Instructions for the Tabernacle (Tent of Meeting)

Ex 27.1-8; Story; Instructions for the Bronze Altar

Ex 27.9-19; Story; Instructions for the Court of the Tabernacle

Ex 27.20-21; Story; Instructions to keep an ongoing supply of Oil for the Lamp

Ex 28.1-43; Law; The Priests Garments.

  • Breastpiece (of judgement),
  • Urim and Thummim (v30),
  • Ephod (names of the sons of Israel),
  • Golden bell and a pomegranate,
  • Robe,
  • Coat of checker work, turban,
  • plate titled ‘Holy to the LORD’, and
  • sash.

Ex 29.1-46; Law; Consecration of the Priests

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Ex 30.1-10; Law; Temple Worship – Instructions for the Altar of Incense

Ex 30.11-16; Law; Temple Worship – Census Tax to be used for the tent of meeting

Ex 30.17-21; Law; Temple Worship – Bronze basin

Ex 30.22-38; Law; Temple Worship – Anointing Oil and Incense

Ex 31.1-11; Story; Oholiab and Bezalel commissioned to make all commanded of Moses

Ex 31.12-17; Law; Repeated Law – The Sabbath is a sign (for creation) and to be observed for all generations

Ex 31.18; Story; The LORD finished speaking to Moses on Mt Sinai and gave him the two tablets

02 Golden CalfEx 32.1-14; Sin-Story; The people create and bow down to a golden calf, the LORD denounces them, and Moses intercedes

Ex 32.15-35; Sin-Story; Moses punishes the people and tries unsuccessfully to atone for them

Ex 33.1-6; Story; The people are commanded to go to the promised land, but the LORD will not go up among them

Ex 33.7-11; Story; Moses and Joshua speak with God at the tent of meeting

Ex 33.12-23; Story; Moses pleads that the LORD remain with them and the LORD makes all his goodness pass him

Ex 34.1-9; Story; The LORD writes on the second set of tablets, and passes by him describing his goodness

Ex 34.10-28; Law-Sin; The Covenant Renewed, Various laws reinstated

  • Destroy all other forms of worship
  • Do not make any gods of cast metal (cf. Golden Calf)
  • Feast of Unleavened Bread
  • Firstborn to be dedicated to the LORD
  • Sabbath observance
  • Feast of Weeks
  • Feast of Ingathering

Ex 34.29-35; Story; The Shining face of Moses

Ex 35.1-29; Story; Moses passes on the LORD’s commands to Israel, including an offering for the tabernacle

Ex 35.30-35; Story; The LORD equips craftsmen for the construction of the Tabernacle

Ex 36.1-7; Story; The people are told to stop giving after giving more than enough for the work

Ex 36.8-38; Story; Making of the tabernacle

Ex 37.1-9; Story; Making of the Ark

Ex 37.10-16; Story; Making the Table

Ex 37.17-24; Story; Making the Lampstand

Ex 37.25-29; Story; Making the Altar of Incense

Ex 38.1-7; Story; Making the Altar of Burnt Offering

Ex 38.8; Story; Making the Bronze Basin

Ex 38.9-20; Story; Making the Court

Ex 38.21-31; Story; Summary of all the materials for the tabernacle

Ex 39.1-31; Story; Making the Priestly garments

Ex 39.32-43; Story; Summary of all they had made

Ex 40.1-33; Story; They put it all together forming the tabernacle

02 glory enters tabernacle

Ex 40.34-38; Story; The LORD enters the tabernacle and later guides Israel by cloud and fire