As its name implies, Genesis is about beginnings. Genesis tells us that God created everything that exists. It shows that God is both the Creator and the Ruler of all creation. But it also tells of humanity’s tragic fall into sin and death, and of God’s unfolding plan of redemption through his covenant with Abraham and his descendants. Genesis includes some of the most memorable stories in the Bible, beginning with Adam and Eve (chs. 1-4), continuing through Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and ending with the life of Joseph (chs. 37-50), who died before 1600 b.c. Traditionally, Jews and Christians have recognized Moses as the author, writing after the Exodus from Egypt, commonly dated around 1440 b.c. though some prefer a date around 1260 b.c. (The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. (2001). (Gen). Wheaton: Standard Bible Society.)

01 Wordle Genesis

01 Ancient Hebrew conception universe

Gen 1.1-2; Story; God creates the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void, darkness over the deep, God hovered over waters

Gen 1.3-2.3; Story; The seven days of God speaking, naming and allocating tasks

1.3-5; Day 1; God creates light and separates it from darkness

1.6-8; Day 2; God creates land and separates it from the waters above and below

1.9-10; Day 3; God gathers the waters under the heavens so dry land appears

1.11-13; Day 3; God creates vegetation from the earth

1.14-19; Day 4; God creates the sun, moon and stars to separate day from night, signs, seasons and years.

1.20-23; Day 5; God creates living creatures of the air and sea, birds and fish.

1.24-25; Day 6; God creates living creates of the earth, livestock, creeping things and beasts

1.26-27; Day 6; God makes human beings in his image and gives them dominion over the air, water and earth.

1.28-31; Day 6; God blesses human beings and commands them to multiply, fill the earth and have dominion.

2.1-3; Day 7; God’s creation has finished his work and rests. He blesses the seventh day and makes it holy.

Gen 2.4; Story; The generations of the heavens and the earth when they were created in the day God made everything.

Gen 2.5-25; Story; Creation story retold.

2.5-6; No bush or small plant in the land because there was no rain. No man to work the land. A spring was watering the ground.

2.7; The LORD forms man from the dust and breathes into him the breath of life and he becomes a living creature.

2.8-9; The LORD God plants a garden in Eden and puts the man there. He makes trees grow. In the garden is the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

2.10-14; Description and names of rivers flowing around Eden.

2.15-17; The man is given the job of caring for the garden, given permission to eat of every tree but the tree of knowledge of good and evil. If he does so, in the day he eats he will die.

2.18-20; The LORD makes animal helpers for the man and the man names all animals brought to him. No animal helper was fit for him.

2.21-25; The LORD gives Adam a woman as a helper. Adam rejoices and husband-wife joining is described. The man and woman are butt naked and were not ashamed.

Gen 3.1-7; Sin-Story; Adam and Eve are tempted by the serpent to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and disobey God. They realise they are naked and make some clothes out of fig leaves (mans covering) for themselves.

Gen 3.8-13; Story; They are afraid of the LORD God. He questions Adam and Eve on their actions and they say their fear is based on their knowledge that they were naked. They tell the LORD they ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Gen 3.14-15; Story; The LORD curses the Serpent

Gen 3.16; Story; The LORD curses the Woman

Gen 3.17-19; Story; The LORD curses the Man

Gen 3.20-24; Story; The LORD makes garments out of animal skins (God’s covering) for Adam and Eve and exiles them from the garden.

01 Brothers offer sacrificeGen 4.1-2; Story; Adam and Eve have children Cain and Abel

Gen 4.3-16; Story; Cain and Abel’s offerings, Cain kills Abel, God punishes and protects Cain

Gen 4.17-24; Story; Cain’s generations and Lamech

Gen 4.25-26; Story; Adam and Eve have Seth and people begin to call on the name of the LORD

Gen 5.1-3; Story; The generations of Adam. Adam father’s a son in his own likeness.

Gen 5.4-32; Story; Adams line, including Seth, Enoch and Noah

Gen 6.1-4; Story; The sons of God take wives and the LORD limits the time his Spirit abides in humanity

Gen 6.5-9; Story; The LORD is grieved at evil humanity, but Noah finds favour

Gen 6.9-10; Story; Noah’s generations. Noah is righteous man. He is blameless and walks with God. He has three sons.

Gen 6.11-22; Story; The LORD unveils his plans to destroy corrupt humanity and save Noah and his family

Gen 7.1; Story; The LORD instructs Noah to go into the ark, because he sees Noah as righteous

Gen 7.2-16; Story; Noah, his family and all the animals go into the ark. The LORD shuts them inside.

Gen 7.17-24; Story; The flood comes and everything dies.

Gen 8.1; Story; God remembers Noah and all the animals with him. God subsides the waters.

Gen 8.2-5; Story; The waters continue to drop and they can eventually see mountains again

Gen 8.6-12; Story; Noah sends out birds to see if the waters had subsided.

Gen 8.13-19; Story; The earth is now dry and God commands Noah and everyone else to leave the ark.

Gen 8.20-22; Story; Noah offers burnt offerings on an altar. The LORD smells the aroma and vows never again to curse the ground (Adam’s curse) and never again to strike down every living creature (Noah’s flood)

Gen 9.1-17; Story; God blesses, commands and warns Noah and his sons. God makes a rainbow covenant with Noah.

Gen 9.18-29; Story; Noah drinks and gets naked. Noah’s sons respond differently and are judged accordingly.

Gen 10.1-32; Story; The generations of Noah from which the nations spread over the earth after the flood.

Gen 11.1-9; Story; The people of the earth build a city and a tower and the LORD descends and scatters them.

Gen 11.10-26; Story; Shem’s descendants reaching to Terah and Abram.

Gen 11.27-32; Story; The generations of Terah introducing Abram and Lot.

01 So shall your seed be

Gen 12.1-3; Story; God makes covenant promises to Abraham

Gen 12.4-9; Story; Abram heads toward the land the LORD promised him

Gen 12.10-20; Story; Abram and Sarai pretend to be siblings, God protects them and they get found out

Gen 13.1-13; Story; Abram and Lot separate because of the size of their flocks. Lot goes to Sodom.

Gen 13.14-18; Story; The LORD reaffirms his promises to Abram

Gen 14.1-12; Story; Kings of the land battle one another and in the process capture Lot

Gen 14.13-16; Story; Abram and 318 trained men defeat the victor and rescue Lot

Gen 14.17-18; Story; The rescued king of Sodom and Melchizedek king of Salem meet Abram.

Gen 14.19-20; Story; Abram is blessed by and tithes to Melchizedek

Gen 14.21-24; Story; Abram and the king of Sodom negotiate what they took back

Gen 15.1-6; Story; The LORD reaffirms his promises to Abram. Abram believed God and his belief in the promise is counted as righteousness by the LORD.

Gen 15.7-21; Story; The LORD ratified the covenant and the promises he has made to Abram

Gen 16.1-6; Story-Sin; Sarai gives Abram her servant Hagar and she becomes pregnant

Gen 16.7-15; Story; The LORD protects Hagar and Ishmael

Gen 16.16; Story; Abram is noted to be eighty six years old

Gen 17.1-14; Law; When Abram is ninety nine years old, the LORD renews the covenant, renames Abram to Abraham, and issues the covenant obligation of circumcision

Gen 17.15-21; Story; God promises to establish his everlasting covenant with Isaac, not Ishmael

Gen 17.22-27; Story; Abraham circumcised his whole family

Gen 18.1-8; Story; The LORD appears to Abraham. Abraham prepares him food and refreshments.

Gen 18.9-15; Story; The LORD predicts that next year they will have a son. Sarah is caught laughing to herself in disbelief.

Gen 18.16-33; Story; Abraham intercedes repeatedly for the righteous in Sodom.

01 Lot flees SodomGen 19.1-23; Story; God rescues Lot and his family from Sodom

Gen 19.33-29; Story; God destroys Sodom

Gen 19.30-38; Story; Lots daughters sleep with Lot to continue their family lines

Gen 20.1-18; Story; Abraham does not say Sarah is his wife and God protects

Gen 21.1-7; Story; God is faithful and Isaac is born

Gen 21.8-21; Story; God protects Hagar and Ishmael after Abraham and Sarah removed them

Gen 21.22-34; Story; Abraham makes a covenant of peace with Abimelech

Gen 22.1-19; Story; Sacrifice of Isaac

01 Abraham to sacrifice Isaac (Holbein H 1947 2009 Holbeins Bible Woodcuts Sylvan Press New York NY)

Gen 22.20-24; Story; Abraham’s brother Nahor has children

Gen 23.1-20; Story; Sarah dies and Abraham buys a burying place from the Hittites

Gen 24.1-67; Abraham gets a wife for his son Isaac

Gen 25.1-11; Story; Abraham dies and is buried

Gen 25.12-18; Story; The Generations of Ishmael (Abraham’s son from Hagar)

Gen 25.19-28; Story; The Birth of Jacob and Esau

Gen 25.29-34; Story; Esau sells his birthright

Gen 26.1-5; Story; God renews his promises to Abraham’s offspring

Gen 26.6-11; Story; Isaac pretends Rebekah is his sister

Gen 26.12-22; Story; Isaac prospers under the Lords care

Gen 26.23-25; Story; Isaac calls upon the name of the LORD

Gen 26.26-33; Story; Abimelech makes a covenant of peace with Isaac

Gen 26.34-35; Story; Esau takes a foreign wife

Gen 27.1-40; Story; Jacob deceives Isaac for the blessing of firstborn

Gen 27.41-46; Story; Jacob flees his home to Laban at Haran

Gen 28.1-5; Story; Isaac continues to bless Jacob, warns him against taking a foreign wife

Gen 28.6-9; Story; Out of spite Esau takes a Canaanite for his wife

Gen 28.10-22; Story; God appears to Jacob in a dream and confirms the Abrahamic promises

Gen 29.1-30; Story; Jacob is deceived by Laban and serves fourteen years for Leah and Rachel

Gen 29.31-35; Story; Jacob bears children to Leah even though he prefers Rachel

Gen 30.1-24; Story; Rachel and Leah compete for more babies

Gen 30.25-43; Story; Jacob and Laban compete for a greater flock

Gen 31.1-21; Story; Jacob fears Laban and God commands Jacob to leave

Gen 31.22-42; Story; Laban pursues and catches Jacob

Gen 31.43-55; Story; Laban and Jacob make a covenant of peace

Gen 32.1-21; Story; Jacob prepares to meet Esau

01 Jacob wrestles

Gen 32.22-32; Story; Jacob wrestles with God for his blessing

Gen 33.1-20; Story; Jacob meets Esau in peace

Gen 34.1-31; Story; Dinah is defiled and her brothers take revenge

Gen 35.1-15; Story; God blesses and renames Jacob to Israel

Gen 35.16-21; Story; Rachel, Jacob’s wife dies

Gen 35.22; Story; Reuben lay with his father’s concubine and Israel heard of it

Gen 35.23-26; Story; Recounting the number of Jacob’s sons

Gen 35.27-29; Story; Jacob returns to Isaac. Isaac dies and is buried by Jacob and Esau

Gen 36.1-42; Story; The generations of Esau

Gen 37.1-2a; Story; The generations of Jacob

Gen 37.2b-11; Story; Joseph’s dreams

Gen 37.12-36; Story; Joseph sold by his brothers

Gen 38.1-30; Story; Tamar pretends to be a prostitute to continue the family line

Gen 39.1-23; Story; Joseph resists potiphar’s wife and is thrown in prison

Gen 40.1-23; Story; Joseph interprets the dreams of two prisoners sowing seeds of his release

01 Joseph before PharaohGen 41.1-36; Story; God interprets Pharaoh’s dreams through Joseph

Gen 41.37-57; Story; Joseph rises to power and provides for people in famine

Gen 42.1-38; Story Josephs brothers travel to Egypt to purchase grain

Gen 43.1-34; Story; Josephs brothers return to Egypt and eat with Joseph

Gen 44.1-44; Story; Joseph tests his brothers

Gen 45.1-28; Story; Joseph reveals himself to his brothers, explains God’s purpose and provides

Gen 46.1-7; Story; God tells Jacob to go to Joseph in Egypt

Gen 46.8-27; Genealogy; The list of all Jacobs family

Gen 46.28-34; Story; Jacob and Joseph reunited

01 Jacob welcomed into EgyptGen 47.1-12; Story; Jacob meets and blessed Pharaoh

Gen 47.13-27; Story; Pharaoh amasses a great amount of wealth and power

Gen 47.28-31; Story; Joseph promises not to bury Jacob in Egypt, but with his fathers

Gen 48.1-22; Story; Jacob blessed Ephraim and Manasseh, younger over the firstborn

Gen 49.1-27; Story; Jacob blessed his sons, recalls their past and predicts their future

Gen 49.28-33; Story; Jacob instructs his sons in his burial. Jacob is gathered to his people

Gen 50.1-14; Story; Joseph and his brothers with a large entourage  bury Jacob in Canaan

Gen 50.15-21; Story; Joseph reassures his brothers of his and God’s good intentions

Gen 50.22-26; Story; Joseph reminds Israel of God’s promise and asks to rest in the same place as his fathers

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