Ezekiel, a prophet and priest, was exiled to Babylon in 597 B.C. His ministry extended over at least twenty-three years. The book opens with his first dramatic vision of the “likeness” of the Lord himself. Ezekiel was keenly aware of God’s presence and power in human affairs. He addressed both the exiles and the people left in Judah with messages of warning and judgment, predicting the fall of Jerusalem. After Jerusalem’s fall (in 586), Ezekiel prophesied hope and reassurance for the people of Judah, who had then lost the focus of God’s covenant, the temple in Jerusalem. His vision of the valley of dry bones (ch. 37) is a classic picture of God’s ability to renew his people. (The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. (2001). Wheaton: Standard Bible Society.)

26 Ezekiel wordle

Eze 1.1-3; Introduction; The word of the LORD comes to Ezekiel while in the Babylonian exile.

Eze 1.4-21; Vision; Ezekiel sees four creatures, each with four faces, moving by the Spirit.

Eze 1.22-28; Vision; Ezekiel sees an expanse and hears the voice of the LORD from his throne.

Eze 2.1-10; Vision; Ezekiel is called by the LORD to preach to a rebellious house.

Eze 3.1-15; Vision; Ezekiel has to eat a sweet scroll. Then the LORD prepares him for ministry to a hard people. Ezekiel takes seven days to recover.

Eze 3.16-27; Word of the LORD 1; Ezekiel is appointed to be Israel’s watchman. To warn the righteous and the wicked.

Eze 4.1-17; Illustration; Ezekiel has to lie on his left side (representing Israel) 390 days and then his right side (Judah) 40 days as durations of years of punishment. All the while cooking his food over excrement.

Eze 5.1-17; Illustration; Ezekiel cuts his hair. Burns a third, strikes a third with the sword. Scatters the last third to the wind. As signs against Jerusalem. Interpretation given.

Eze 6.1-14; Judgement; Israel will die before their idols. Their idols broken and incense altars cut down.

Eze 7.1-27; Judgement; The LORD will pour out his wrath. Judging them according to their ways.

Eze 8.1-18; Vision; Ezekiel is shown the abominations being committed in the Temple provoking the LORD’s wrath.

Eze 9.1-11; Judgement; Everyone is killed, but the ones who sigh and groan over the abominations. Ezekiel pleads for the remnant of Israel.

Eze 10.1-21; Judgement; The glory of the LORD leaves the Temple.

Eze 11.1-13; Judgement; The sacrifice of the people shall not be the portion of those who killed them. They will die for their sin. Ezekiel pleads for the remnant of Israel.

Eze 11.14-25; Prophecy; The gathered peoples will be given a new heart and a new spirit. The LORD will cause them to be obedient. The LORD will punish those who commit abominations.

Eze 12.1-28; Illustration; Ezekiel pretends to go into exile to demonstrate what will happen to Judah.

Eze 13.1-23; Judgement; Ezekiel condemns the false prophets of Israel

Eze 14.1-11; Judgement; Ezekiel condemns the elders of Israel for idolatry

Eze 14.12-23; Judgement; Noah, Daniel and Job would be spared, but Jerusalem will not

Eze 15.1-8; Judgement; Jerusalem will be burned up by the fire of judgement and will no longer be useful

Eze 16.1-5; Illustration; Jerusalem is born abandoned and wallowing in blood.

Eze 16.6-7; Illustration; The LORD commands Jerusalem to live and she grows up.

Eze 16.8-14; Illustration; The LORD cleans her up, marries her and she advances to royalty.

Eze 16.15-34; Illustration; Jerusalem trusts in her own beauty and plays the whore, abandoning the LORD.

Eze 16.35-58; Illustration; Therefore Jerusalem will bear the wrath and punishment of the LORD.

Eze 16.59-63; Illustration; The LORD will restore Jerusalem and she will remain silent for shame.

Eze 17.1-10; Illustration; Eagles plant a vine in a foreign land, which then tries to escape.

Eze 17.11-24; Explanation; Jerusalem has been exiled by the Babylonians, tries an alliance with Egypt, but will fail.

Eze 18.1-4; Exhortation; Israel complains, ‘the fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the children’s teeth are set on edge’

Eze 18.5-9; Exhortation; Ezekiel responds, ‘If a man is righteous and does what is just and right, he shall live’

Eze 18.10-13; Exhortation; ‘If that man fathers a son who does not walk like this, he shall not live’

Eze 18.14-18; Exhortation; ‘If that man fathers a son who sees his father sins like this but does not do likewise, he shall live. But his father shall die for his sins.

Eze 18.19-32; Exhortation; Ezekiel gives further explanation and urges Israel to repent.

Eze 19.1-14; Lamentation; Lamentation for the princes of Israel

Eze 20.1-4; Story-Judgement; Ezekiel introduces the story of Israel’s dealings with the LORD

Eze 20.5-9; Story-Judgement; Part-1

The LORD promises Israel the land.

He commands Israel not to worship idols.

Israel rebels against the LORD in Egypt.

The LORD’s wrath burns to make a full end of Israel, but he acts for the sake of his name.

Eze 20.10-17; Story-Judgement; Part-2

The LORD delivers Israel out of Egypt.

He gives Israel statutes and if they do them they shall live. And also sabbaths as a sign.

Israel rebels against the LORD in the wilderness.

The LORD’s wrath burns to make a full end of Israel, but he acts for the sake of his name.

This generation dies in the wilderness leaving their children.

Eze 20.18-26; Story-Judgement; Part-3

The LORD commands Israel not to obey their fathers rules. But to walk in the LORD’s statutes and honor the sabbaths.

Israel rebels against the LORD in the wilderness.

The LORD punishes this generation. They shall not enter the land. The LORD gives a law by which their firstborn must die.

Eze 20.27-32; Story-Application; Ezekiel now turns on the people of Israel now and condemns them for the same behaviour.

Eze 20.33-49; Story-Prophecy; Ezekiel says the LORD will act for the sake of his name, will bring his people out of exile and manifest his holiness.

Eze 21.1-32; Judgement; Ezekiel preached a sword will be sent against Jerusalem, the sanctuaries and Israel.

Eze 22.1-22; Judgement;  Ezekiel proclaims judgement on the sins of Jerusalem and Israel. The LORD will pour out wrath because there is no one to stand in the breach.

Eze 22.23-31; Judgement;  Ezekiel proclaims judgement on the sins of Jerusalem and Israel. The LORD will pour out wrath because there is no one to stand in the breach. Continued

Eze 23.1-20; Judgement; The LORD’s wives Oholah (Samaria) and Oholibah (Jerusalem) are adulterous prostitutes.

Eze 23.21-49; Judgement; The LORD’s wives Oholah (Samaria) and Oholibah (Jerusalem) are adulterous prostitutes. Continued.

Eze 24.1-14; Judgement; Babylon lays siege on Jerusalem. Parable – the pot of corruption.

Eze 24.15-27; Judgement; Ezekiel’s wife dies and becomes a sign to the people of their judgement.

Eze 25.1-7; Judgement; Prophecy Against Ammon

Eze 25.8-11; Judgement; Prophecy Against Moab and Seir

Eze 25.12-14; Judgement; Prophecy Against Edom

Eze 25.15-17; Judgement; Prophecy Against Philistia

Eze 26.1-21; Judgement; Prophecy Against Tyre

Eze 27.1-36; Lament; A Lament for Tyre

Eze 28.1-10; Judgement; Prophecy Against the Prince of Tyre

Eze 28.11-19; Judgement; A Lament over the King of Tyre

Eze 28.20-24; Judgement; Prophecy Against Sidon

Eze 28.25-26; Prophecy; The LORD will gather his people from the nations

Eze 29.1-21; Judgement; Prophecy Against Egypt

Eze 30.1-19; Judgement; A Lament for Egypt

Eze 30.20-26; Judgement; Egypt Shall Fall to Babylon

Eze 31.1-18; Judgement; Prophecy against Pharaoh king of Egypt

Eze 32.1-32; Judgement; A Lament over Pharaoh and Egypt

Eze 33.1-9; Story; Ezekiel is made a watchman for the house of Israel

Eze 33.10-20; Exhortation; The LORD has no pleasure in death, but people repent and live

Eze 33.21-33; Judgement; Jerusalem will be struck down for her abominations

Eze 34.1-10; Judgement; Prophecy Against the Shepherds of Israel

Eze 34.11-24; Prophecy; The LORD will search for His sheep and will seek them out

Eze 34.25-31; Prophecy; The LORD will make a covenant of peace with his sheep

Eze 35.1-15; Judgement; Prophecy Against Mount Seir

Eze 36.1-15; Prophecy; Prophecy to the Mountains of Israel, the land will provide for Israel again

Eze 36.16-21; Story; The LORD has concern for His holy name

Eze 36.22-38; Prophecy; The LORD will give His people a new heart, and a new spirit

Eze 37.1-14; Prophecy; The LORD will breath life into the dry bones of Israel

Eze 37.15-27; Illustration-Prophecy; Judah and Israel will be joined, return from exile and walk with God

Eze 38.1-39.24; Judgement; Prophecy Against Gog, Israel will return from exile and bury them

Eze 39.25-29; Prophecy; The LORD will restore Jacob, have mercy on Israel, and be jealous for his name

Eze 40.1-4; Prophecy; Ezekiel is brought to a mountain overlooking the Temple

Eze 40.5-16; Prophecy; The East Gate to the Outer Court

Eze 40.17-19; Prophecy; The Outer Court

Eze 40.20-23; Prophecy; The North Gate

Eze 40.24-27; Prophecy; The South Gate

Eze 40.28-43; Prophecy; The Inner Court

Eze 40.44-47; Prophecy; Chambers for the Priests

Eze 40.48-49; Prophecy; The Vestibule of the Temple

Eze 41.1-26; Prophecy; The Inner Temple

Eze 42.1-20; Prophecy; The Temple’s Chambers

Eze 43.1-12; Prophecy; The Glory of the LORD fills the temple, his people will no longer rebel

Eze 43.13-27; Prophecy; The Altar

Eze 44.1-14; Judgement; The priests have admitted foreigners, uncircumcised in heart and flesh into the existing temple

Eze 44.15-31; Prophecy-Instruction; Rules for Levitical Priests

Eze 45.1-6; Prophecy-Instruction; Set apart for the Lord a portion of the land as a holy district

Eze 45.7-25; Prophecy-Instruction; The Portion for the Prince, more instructions for the temple worship

Eze 46.1-18; Instuctions; Ezekiel gives instructions for the prince and worship at the temple

Eze 46.19-24; Instructions; Boiling Places for Offerings

Eze 47.1-12; Prophecy; Water was issuing from below the threshold of the temple, feeding the land

Eze 47.13-48.29; Instruction; Division of the Land, Includes the Gentiles

Eze 48.30-35; Prophecy; The Gates of the City. The name of the city is ‘the LORD is there’