24 Wordle Jeremiah

Jer 1.1-19; Introduction; Jeremiah is called to ministry and assured the LORD will be with him

24 wells without water (Jer 2)

Jer 2.1-37; Judgement; The LORD contends with Israel, they have abandoned him

Jer 3.1-5; Judgement; Israel has played the whore with many lovers

Jer 3.6-11; Judgement; The Faithless adultery of Israel and her treacherous sister Judah

Jer 3.12-14; Exhortation; Return faithless Israel, acknowledge your guilt that you have rebelled

Jer 3.15-18; Promise; The LORD will give shepherds after his own heart and Jerusalem will be established

Jer 3.19-25; Judgement-Exhortation; Israel has been treacherous to the LORD, and is called to return and be healed

Jer 4.1-4; Exhortation; Break up your fallow ground, remove the foreskin of your hearts

Jer 4.5-18; Judgement-Exhortation; The fierce anger of the LORD has not turned back from us

Jer 4.19-31; Judgement; The earth was without form and void before the LORD and his fierce anger

Jer 5.1-13; Judgement; The poor and the great had refused to repent and broken the yoke

Jer 5.14-31; Judgement; As you have forsaken me and served foreign gods, so shall you serve foreigners in another land

Jer 6.1-30; Judgement; I am full of the wrath of the LORD, I am weary of holding it in

Jer 7.1-15; Judgement-Exhortation; They say, ‘we are delivered’, only to go on doing all the abominations

Jer 7.16-29; Story-Judgement; Jeremiah told not to intercede for them

Jer 7.30-8.3; Judgement; Valley of slaughter, where all the dead bodies of the people will be food for the birds

Jer 8.4-17; Judgement; Why then has this people turned away in perpetual backsliding

Jer 8.18-9.26; Story-Judgement; Jeremiah grieves for his people, the LORD will punish all uncircumcised in heart

Jer 10.1-25; Exhortation; To not look to idols, look to the living God

Jer 11.1-23; Exhortation-Judgement; Hear my covenant, yet they did not obey or listen

Jer 12.1-4; Dialogue; Jeremiah complains asking why the wicked prosper

Jer 12.5-17; Dialogue; The LORD answers, It will get worse, he will pluck it up and again have compassion

Jer 13.1-11; Demonstration; The spoiled loincloth represents Judah and Jerusalem

Jer 13.12-14; Judgement-Prophecy; The LORD will fill with drunkenness all the inhabitants of the land

Jer 13.15-27; Exhortation-Judgement; Exile threatened, if you will not listen, my soul will weep in secret for your pride

Jer 14.1-12; Intercession-Judgement; They have loved to wander thus, now he remembers their iniquity and will punish

Jer 14.13-22; Judgement-Intercession; Prophets are prophesying lies. The LORD will pour out judgement. Jeremiah intercedes.

Jer 15.1-9; Judgement; The LORD’s heart will not turn towards this people. They will be sent out of his sight.

Jer 15.10-21; Dialogue; Jeremiah complains. The LORD commands repentance so they may be restored.

Jer 16.1-13; Judgement; The LORD has taken away his peace from this people because they do not listen to him.

Jer 16.14-21; Prophecy; The LORD will bring Israel out of exile

Jer 17.1-13; Judgement; Cursed is the man who trusts in man, Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD.

Jer 17.14-18; Prayer; Jeremiah pleads for healing and salvation.

Jer 17.19-27; Exhortation-Warning; The LORD commands his people to respect the sabbath

24 potter clay broken

Jer 18.1-17; Illustration-Judgement; Jeremiah gives an illustration from the potter moulding his clay

Jer 18.18-23; Story-Prayer; The people plot against Jeremiah. Jeremiah pleads to the LORD for help and judgement.

Jer 19.1-15; Illustration; Illustration using a broken flask. The LORD will bringing disaster on Judah and Jerusalem.

Jer 20.1-6; Story; Pashhur the priest beats Jeremiah and puts him in stocks

Jer 20.7-18; Prayer; Jeremiah opens his heart before the LORD.

Jer 21.1-10; Story-Judgement; Confrontation between Jeremiah and Pashhur. Zedekiah and the people will be given over.

Jer 21.11-22.10; Judgement-Exhortation; Execute justice, defend the robbed and the needy or be punished.

Jer 22.11-23; Judgement; Judgement on the sons of Josiah

24 jeremiah denounces priests

Jer 23.1-8; Judgement-Prophecy’ False shepherds replaced by a righteous Branch of David’s line

Jer 23.8-40; Judgement; Both prophet and priest are ungodly, in the LORD’s house they are evil. The burden of the LORD.

Jer 24.1-10; Illustration; Two baskets of figs. One very good, the other very bad

Jer 25.1-14; Judgement; Judah has continued to ignore Jeremiah. They will be sent into exile 70 years.

Jer 25.15-38; Judgement; The cup of the LORD’s wrath the nations must drink

Jer 26.1-15; Story; Jeremiah is threatened with death because he prophesied against the city

Jer 26.16-24; Story; They believe Jeremiah and do not kill him recalling Micah’s prophecy as well. But they kill Uriah.

Jer 27.1-22; Illustration; Straps and yoke bars representing the rule of Nebuchadnezzar over the nations. Don’t listen to the prophets.

Jer 28.1-17; Story; Jeremiah and Hananiah the false prophet exchange predictions. Later Hananiah dies.

Jer 29.1-23; Story; Jeremiah sends a letter to the surviving elders of the exiles, encouraging them.

Jer 29.24-32; Judgement; The LORD will punish Shemaiah and his descendants for opposing Jeremiah.

Jer 30.1-24; Prophecy-Judgement; The LORD will restore the fortunes of his people and bring them back to the land

Jer 31.1-30; Prophecy; Rachel is weeping for her children, she refuses to be comforted for her children who are no more

Jer 31.31-40; Prophecy; The LORD will make a new covenant, the law written on their hearts, they all shall know him

24 Jeremiah buys field

Jer 32.1-15; Story; Jeremiah buys a field during the siege because Israel will return

Jer 32.16-35; Story; Jeremiah asks the LORD for understanding regarding the current judgement and promise of return

Jer 32.36-44; Judgement-Prophecy; The LORD will judge his people but restore them afterwards

Jer 33.1-13; Prophecy; The LORD will restore the fortunes of the land as at first

Jer 33.14-26; Prophecy; The LORD will cause a righteous branch to spring up for David and establish his covenant

Jer 34.1-22; Judgement-Prophecy; Judah frees all their slaves only to bring them into captivity again

Jer 35.1-19; Illustration; As commanded the Rechabites will not drink, but Israel does not follow instruction

Jer 36.1-32; Illustration-Exhortation; Jeremiah dictates a scroll to be read to the people. The King burns the scroll.

Jer 37.1-10; Story-Judgement; Zedekiah does not listen to Jeremiah. The Chaldeans will defeat Judah.

Jer 37.11-21; Story; Jeremiah is mistaken to be deserting to the Chaldeans and imprisoned. Jeremiah is later released.

24 Jeremiah lowered down the pit

Jer 38.1-6; Story-Judgement; Jeremiah proclaims judgement and is cast into the cistern by the King

Jer 38.7-13; Story; Jeremiah rescued from the cistern by the King

Jer 38.14-28; Story; Jeremiah warns King Zedekiah again. He should surrender to the Babylonians or else.

Jer 39.1-10; Story-Judgement; Jerusalem falls to Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon

Jer 39.11-18; Story; The LORD delivers Jeremiah and Ebed-melech the Ethiopian because he trusts the LORD

Jer 40.1-16; Story; Jeremiah stays in the land and lives among the leftovers. Gedaliah represents the people as Gov.

Jer 41.1-18; Story; Gedaliah and his men are murdered by Ishmael. Johanan pursues Ishmael, but Ishmael escapes.

Jer 42.1-22; Story-Exhortation; The people request guidance from the LORD as to what they should do. Jeremiah instructs they stay and predicts their disobedience.

Jer 43.1-13; Story-Judgement; The people do not believe Jeremiah and refuse to listen. Jeremiah predicts the judgement on Egypt and them.

Jer 44.1-30; Judgement; Jeremiah pronounces judgement of those who went to Egypt and worshipped other gods.

Jer 45.1-5; Story-Judgement; Baruch complains, but Jeremiah puts him in his place

Jer 46.1-12; Judgement; Jeremiah proclaims judgement on the nations. About Egypt, concerning the army of Pharaoh

Jer 46.13-26; Judgement; Jeremiah speaks about the coming of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon and Egypt.

Jer 46.27-28; Prophecy-Judgement; The LORD will bring Jacob back after they have been disciplined

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Norris, D. T. (1997). Logos Deluxe Map Set. Oak Harbor, WA: Lexham Press.

Jer 47.1-7; Judgement; Jeremiah proclaims judgement concerning the Philistines

Jer 48.1-47; Judgement; Jeremiah proclaims judgement concerning Moab

Jer 49.1-6; Judgement; Jeremiah proclaims judgement concerning Ammon. They will later be restored.

Jer 49.7-22; Judgement; Jeremiah proclaims judgement concerning Edom. Edom will be wiped out.

Jer 49.23-27; Judgement; Jeremiah proclaims judgement concerning Damascus.

Jer 49.28-33; Judgement; Jeremiah proclaims judgement concerning Kedar and the kingdoms of Hazar.

Jer 49.34-39; Judgement; Jeremiah proclaims judgement concerning Elam. They will later be restored.

Jer 50.1-46; Judgement; Jeremiah proclaims judgement concerning Babylon because of their treatment of Israel.

Jer 51.1-10; Judgement; The LORD will stir up the spirit of a destroyer against Babylon and vindicate Zion.

Jer 51.11-58; Judgement; The judgment against Babylon described in detail.

Jer 51.59-64; Story-Judgement; Jeremiah writes a book about Babylons judgement and throws the book into the Euphrates.

24 king of babylon sends zedekiah and ahab to furnace (Jer 29)

Jer 52.1-11; Story; The fall of Jerusalem and the defeat of Zedekiah to the Babylonians recounted

Jer 52.12-23; Story; The house of the LORD is looted and burned by the Babylonians

Jer 52.24-30; Story; Judah was taken into exile out of its land

24 Jehoiachin released by king of babylon

Jer 52.31-34; Story; Jehoiachin the new king is graciously freed and treated kindly by the Babylonians.