As Haggai encouraged the returned Jewish exiles to rebuild the temple, Zechariah encouraged them to repent and renew their covenant with God. Such spiritual renewal would be necessary for the people to be ready to worship God once the temple was rebuilt (about 516 B.C.). He accused them of doing the very things their ancestors had done before the exile. He was concerned about social justice for widows, orphans, and foreigners. But as the people endured opposition from the non-Jewish inhabitants of Judea, Zechariah reassured them of God’s abiding comfort and care. God would continue his covenant with Israel. Messianic hope was rekindled during Zechariah’s ministry, and the book ends with the promise that the Lord would establish his rule over all the earth (14:9). (Zec, 2001. The Holy Bible: English Standard Version, Wheaton: Standard Bible Society.)

38 Zechariah wordle

Zec 1.1-6; Story; Zechariah recounts the exhortations of the LORD to their sinful fathers who repented

Zec 1.7-17; Vision; Zechariah has a vision of a horseman and sees nations at ease. The LORD will comfort Zion

Zec 1.18-21; Judgment; The LORD will terrify the nations that attacked and scattered Judah

Zec 2.1-13; Vision; A Vision of a Man with a Measuring Line

Zec 3.1-10; Vision; A Vision of Joshua the High Priest. The LORD saves Joshua, he will save the land.

Zec 4.1-14; Vision; A Vision of a Golden Lampstand. Not by might or power, but by my Spirit, says the LORD

Zec 5.1-4; Vision; A Vision of a Flying Scroll. The curse that goes over the whole land.

Zec 5.5-11; Vision; A Vision of a Woman in a Basket. The woman is wickedness, sent to the land of Shinar.

Zec 6.1-8; Vision; A Vision of Four Chariots. The LORD’s Spirit will rest in the north.

Zec 6.9-15; Vision; The Crown and the Temple. The Branch is the one who will build the temple of the LORD.

Zec 7.1-14; Judgment; The people are called to repent. To be just, kind and merciful. But they refuse to listen.

Zec 8.1-23; Prophecy; The LORD will save his people, bring them to Jerusalem and he will be their God.

Zec 9.1-8; Judgment; The word of the LORD is against Hadrach, Hamath, Tyre, Sidon, Ashkelon and Ekron

Zec 9.9-13; Prophecy; The King is coming, righteous and having salvation, riding on a donkey

Zec 9.14-17; Prophecy; On that day the LORD their God will save them, as the flock of his people

Zec 10.1-12; Judgment-Prophecy; The LORD will restore his people and punish the wicked

Zec 11.1-17; Judgment; The staff’s Favour (covenant) and Union (Brotherhood) broken. Thirty pieces of silver

Zec 12.1-9; Prophecy; The LORD will save Judah, that previous glory will not surpass

Zec 12.10-13.1; Prophecy; The spirit of grace poured when they look on him whom they have pierced

Zec 13.2-6; Judgment; The LORD will remove idolatry, false prophets and uncleanness from the land

Zec 13.7-9; Prophecy; Strike the shepherd and scatter the sheep. His people disciplined and then restored

Zec 14.1-21; Judgment-Prophecy; Judah will be punished, but later restored. They must keep the feast of Booths.