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Self-driving car advocates tangle with messy morality

That’s the kind of the thorny problem that’s a real issue for the auto industry as it moves to vehicles that steer, brake and accelerate for themselves. Perhaps because computer-driven cars are so closely compared to human-driven cars, though, people have begun wrestling with those moral issues.

Reading the Bible vs. Being Read by the Bible

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Video captures pilot landing plane sideways in fierce winds

I am confident that those who pilot planes will sniff that this is merely normal procedure. But the millions who fly around the world every day as passengers will perhaps look at this footage and marvel just a little at the control exerted over a large machine in order to achieve a safe landing.

(I can vouch for this. In my early twenty’s I received some flying lessons. On my first two lessons I had to land by yawing to the right until the last few seconds because of the cross wind)

Why Do These Pentecostals Keep Growing?

But Pentecostal believers and churches constantly emphasize spiritual practice and engagement. That helps make a more robust faith. So, more often than not, stagnation is not as compatible with a real Spirit-filled experience.