2 Thessalonians

Paul apostle thumb

2 Thes 1.1-2; Introduction; Paul, Silvanus and Timothy greet the Thessalonians with grace and peace.

2 Thes 1.3-4; Thanksgiving; Paul gives thanks for their growing faith and love for one another. Paul boasts about them to other churches in their affliction.

2 Thes 1.5-12; Assurance-Judgment; Their affliction is evidence of God’s righteous judgment they they are worthy. God will execute justice on those who afflict them and grant them relief. They will suffer the punishment of eternal destruction away from the Lords presence. So Paul prays for them that they may be worthy and fulfill every good work by his power.

2 Thes 2.1-12; Prophecy; Paul assures them the day of the Lord has not come becuase people were trying to deceive them. First the rebellion must come and the man of lawlessness who will deceive many. The Lord will kill him.

2 Thes 2.13-17; Prayer-Instruction; Paul gives thanks becuase God chose them through the Spirit and truth of the gospel so they may obtain the glory of Jesus’ resurrection. Therefore they should hold on to the apostles traditions. Paul asks God to comfort them and establish them in good works.

2 Thes 3.1-5; Prayer; Paul asks for prayer in his gospel ministry and then prays for them. That the Lord will establish and guard them and direct their hearts to the love of God.

2 Thes 3.6-15; Warning; Paul instructs them to warn and them avoid brothers who are idle and did not work to provide for themselves.  He tells them not to grow weary in doing good. If people ignore these things have nothing to do with them.

2 Thes 3.16-18; Close; Paul prays that the Lord will give them peace. He greets them with his own hand and ends with grace.