28 Hosea thumb

Hos 1.1-9; Story-Judgement; God commands Hosea to marry a prostitute and he fathers two children, ‘No Mercy’ and ‘Not my people’ as a sign to the people.

Hos 1.10-11; Prophecy; The LORD predicts their return to himself in numbers

Hos 2.1-13; Judgement; Israel has committed adultery and abandoned the LORD. Israel will be punished.

Hos 2.14-23; Prophecy; The LORD will have mercy on Israel, betrothing her in righteousness, steadfast love and mercy.

Hos 3.1-5; Story-Prophecy; The LORD commands Hosea to redeem his wife who abandoned him as a sign to Israel.

Hos 4.1-19; Judgement; Israel has abandoned the LORD. There is swearing, lying, murder, stealing, and  adultery.

Hos 5.1-15; Judgement; Israel and Ephraim shall stumble in his guilt. Judah also shall stumble with them.

Hos 6.1-11; Judgement-Prophecy; Israel and Judah are unrepentant. Their judgement is a prophecy.

Hos 7.1-16; Judgement; Destruction to them, for they have rebelled against the LORD

Hos 8.1-14; Judgment; The calf of Samaria shall be broken. They sow the wind and reap the whirlwind

Hos 9.1-17; Judgement; They have deeply corrupted themselves, he will remember their iniquity and sin

Hos 10.1-15; Judgment; Israel has abandoned the LORD. Hosea calls them to repent.

Hos 11.1-12; Prophecy; The LORD’s heart warms for his wayward son

Hos 12.1-14; Judgment; The indictment against Judah and punishment of Jacob according to his ways

Hos 13.1-16; Judgment; The Lord’s Relentless Judgment on Israel

Hos 14.1-9; Exhortation; Israel called to return to the LORD, they have stumbled because of iniquity