21 Wordle Ecclesiastes

Ec 1.1-11; Introduction; Introduction

Ec 1,12-18; Wisdom; The vanity of wisdom

Ec 2.1-11; Wisdom; The vanity of self-indulgence

Ec 2.12-17; Wisdom; The vanity of living wisely

Ec 2.18-27; Wisdom; The vanity of work

Ec 3.1-8; Wisdom; A time for everything

Ec 3.9-15; Wisdom; The God given task

Ec 3.16-22; Wisdom; From dust to dust

Ec 4.1-16; Wisdom; Evil under the sun

Ec 5.1-7; Wisdom; Fear God

Ec 5.8-20; Wisdom; The Vanity of Wealth and Honor

Ec 6.1-12; Wisdom; The Vanity of Wealth and Honor

Ec 7.1-29; Wisdom; The Contrast of Wisdom and Folly

Ec 8.1-9; Wisdom; Keep the King’s Command

Ec 8.10-13; Wisdom; Those Who Fear God Will Do Well

Ec 8.14-17; Wisdom; Man Cannot Know God’s Ways

Ec 9.1-6; Wisdom; Death comes to all

Ec 9.7-10; Wisdom; Enjoy life with the one you love

Ec 9.11-18; Wisdom; Wisdom is better than folly

Ec 10.1-20; Wisdom; Proverbs of wisdom

Ec 11.1-10; Wisdom; Cast your bread upon the waters

Ec 12.1-8; Wisdom; Remember your creator in your youth

Ec 12.9-14; Conclusion; Fear God and Keep his commandments