The five books of Moses anticipated the fulfillment of God’s promise to Abraham regarding the Promised Land. Now (either about 1400 or 1220 B.C.), through a string of military victories under Joshua, Israel conquered the land and divided it among the twelve tribes. In these battles it became evident that God fights for his people when they are “strong and courageous” (1:6, 7, 9, 18; 10:25) and put their full trust in him. At the close of the book, Joshua charged the people to remain faithful to God and to obey his commands, and the people agreed to do so. “As for me and my house,” said Joshua, “we will serve the LORD” (24:15). Although anonymous, the book appears to contain eyewitness testimony, some of which may have been written by Joshua himself. (The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. (2001). Wheaton: Standard Bible Society.)

06 Joshua wordle

Josh 1.1-9; Story; God commissions Joshua

Josh 1.10-18; Story; Joshua assumes command

Josh 2.1-24; Story; Rahab hides the spies

Josh 3.1-17; Story; Israel crosses the Jordan

Josh 4.1-24; Story; Twelve memorial stones from the Jordan

Josh 5.1-9; Story; The new generation is circumcised because the old generation was unfaithful

Josh 5.10-12; Story; Israel observes their first passover in Canaan

Josh 5.13-15; Story; Joshua meets the commander of the LORD’s army

Josh 6.1-27; War; The fall of Jericho

Josh 7.1-9; War; Israel defeated at Ai

Josh 7.10-26; Story-Sin; The Sin of Achan, he is stoned

Josh 8.1-29; War; The Fall of Ai

Josh 8.30-35; Story; Joshua renews the covenant

Josh 9.1-27; Story; The Gibeonites make a deceitful covenant with Israel

Josh 10.1-15; War; The sun stands still

Josh 10.16-28; War; The five kings executed

Josh 10.29-43; War; The conquest of southern Canaan

Josh 11.1-23; War; The conquests in northern Canaan

Josh 12.1-6; Story; Summary of the Kings defeated by Moses

Josh 12.7-24; Story; Summary of the Kings defeated by Joshua

Josh 13.1-7; Story; Joshua is old and there is still land to be conquered

Josh 13.8-33; Story; The inheritance of the tribes of Israel east of the Jordan are allotted

Josh 14.1-5; Story; The inheritance of the tribes of Israel west of the Jordan are allotted

Josh 14.6-15; Story; Calebs request and inheritance

Josh 15.1-63; Story; The allotment for Judah

Josh 16.1-7.13; Story; The allotment for Ephraim and Manasseh

Josh 17.14-18; Story; The tribe of Joseph wants a bigger land. Joshua tells them to go get it.

Josh 18.1-10; Story; The allotment of the remaining land

Josh 18.11-51; Story; The Inheritance for Benjamin, Simeon, Zebulun, Issachar, Asher, Naphtali, Dan and Joshua

Josh 20.1-9; Story; The Cities of Refuge, protecting the manslayer before trial

Josh 21.1-42; Story; Cities and Pasturelands Allotted to Levi

Josh 21.43-45; Summary; The Lord gave to Israel all the land that he swore to give to their fathers

Josh 22.1-9; Story; The Eastern Tribes Return Home

Josh 22.10-34; Story; The Eastern Tribes’ Altar of Witness causes a stir

Josh 23.1-16; Instruction; Joshua’s Charge to Israel’s Leaders. The LORD is faithful, do all his commands

Josh 24.1-13; Story; The Covenant Renewal at Shechem

Josh 24.14-28; Story; The people of Israel is to choose whom they will serve

Josh 24.29-33; Story; Joshua’s Death and Burial