Leviticus begins with the people of Israel at the foot of Mount Sinai. The glory of the Lord had just filled the tabernacle (Ex. 40:34–38) and God now tells Moses to instruct the Levitical priests and the people of Israel concerning sacrifices, worship, the priesthood, ceremonial cleanness, the Day of Atonement, feasts and holy days, and the Year of Jubilee. The central message is that God is holy and he requires his people to be holy. The book also shows that God graciously provides atonement for sin through the shedding of blood. Traditionally, Jews and Christians recognize Moses as the author, writing sometime after the giving of the Law. (The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. (2001). (Lev). Wheaton: Standard Bible Society.)

03 Leviticus wordle

03 Israels offerings to God

Lev 1.1-17; Law; Instructions for burnt offerings (atonement)

Lev 2.1-16; Law; Instructions for grain offerings (memorial)

Lev 3.1-17; Law; Instructions for peace offerings

Lev 4.1-35; Law; Instructions for sin offerings (forgiveness)

1000 Bible Images. (2009). Stuttgart, Germany: German Bible Society.
1000 Bible Images. (2009). Stuttgart, Germany: German Bible Society.

Lev 5.1-13; Law; Various instructions associated with the sin offering

Lev 5.1.14-6.7; Law; Various instructions associated with guilt offerings

Lev 6.8-30; Law; Various instructions associated with burnt offerings, grain offerings, anointings and sin offerings

Lev 7.1-18; Law; Various instructions associated with guilt offerings and peace offerings

Lev 7.19-21; Law; Instructions concerning touching unclean things

Lev 7.22-27; Law; Further instructions regarding Food laws and food offerings

Lev 7.28-36; Law; Further instructions regarding peace and wave offerings

Lev 7.37-38; Law; Summary statement for all the sacrifices and offerings

03 Leviticus Aaron ConsecratedLev 8.1-36; Story; Ordination of Aaron and his sons

Lev 9.1-21; Story; Aaron makes his offerings to the LORD

Lev 9.22-24; Story; The LORD accepts their offerings

Lev 10.1-3; Story; Aaron’s sons die after offering an unauthorized fire

Lev 10.4-7; Story; Moses advises caution lest God continue to pour out his wrath

Lev 10.8-11; Law; The LORD gives Atom instructions for alcohol, holy and clean items, and teaching

Lev 10.12-15; Story; Moses follows up with some offerings

Lev 10.16-20; Story; Explanation given as to why the sin offering was not eaten

03 food marketLev 11.1-47; Law; Food laws;

  • Animals (11.1-8),
  • Fish (11.9-12),
  • Birds (11.13-19),
  • Insects (11.20-23),
  • Requirements for dead animals (11.24-28),
  • Unclean animals (11.29-38),
  • Touching unclean animals (11.39-45),
  • Summary statement (11.46-47)

Lev 12.1-8; Law; Purifications; Childbirth, circumcision, purification waiting, offerings presented

Lev 13.1-44; Law; Unclean laws; Skin diseases and management

Lev 13.45-46; Law; Instructions for those with skin diseases

Lev 13.47-59; Law; Unclean laws; Stained or soiled garments

Lev 14.1-32; Law; Cleanliness; Instructions for cleansing skin diseases

Lev 14.33-53; Law; Cleanliness; Instructions for cleansing houses

Lev 14.54-57; Law; Cleanliness; summary statement

Lev 15.1-30; Law; Cleanliness; Instructions for bodily discharges

Lev 15.31-33; Law; Cleanliness; summary statement

03 scapegoat

Lev 16.1-28; Law; Festival, Day of atonement, for Aaron, his house, his people, the holy place and tent of meeting.

Lev 16.29-34; Law; Festival, Day of atonement, frequency and summary statement

Lev 17.1-9; Law; Temple Worship, Instructions to only sacrifice at the tent of meeting

Lev 17.10-16; Law; Food and drink; Prohibition against drinking or eating blood

03 Sexual relationships 1

Lev 18.1-23; Law; Sexual immorality, Prohibitions against incest, Adultery, Idolatry, sodomy, bestiality

Lev 18.24-30; Law; Sexual immorality, warnings and summary statement

Lev 19.1-8; Law; Assortment of Laws, The LORD is Holy and some repetitions of previous laws

Lev 19.9-18; Law; Assortment of Laws, Love your neighbour as yourself

Lev 19.19-37; Law; Assortment of Laws, Keep my statutes. Some repetitions of previous laws

Lev 20.1-9; Law; Idolatry, laws against child sacrifice and sorcery

Lev 20.10-21; Law; Sexual immorality, punishments for offenses

Lev 20.22-26; Law; General reminder to be holy as the LORD and keep all the commands

Lev 20.27; Law; Sorcery, punishment for sorcery

Lev 21.1-24; Law; Priests, Instructions for how the priests are to live and marry

Lev 22.1-9; Law; Priests, Reminder they are not to serve unless they are clean

Lev 22.10-17; Law; Priests, Lay people and priests children

Lev 22.18-30; Law; Worship, Requirements for acceptable offerings

Lev 22.31-33; Law; Summary statement

Lev 23.1-44; Law; Festivals and Holidays,

  • Introduction (23.1-2)
  • The Sabbath (23.3)
  • The Passover (23.4-8)
  • The Feast of Firstfruits (23.9-14)
  • The Feast of Weeks (23.15-22)
  • The Feast of Trumpets (23.23-25)
  • The Day of Atonement (23.26-32)
  • The Feast of Booths (23.33-43)

Lev 24.1-4; Law; Priests; Instructions on maintaining the lamps

Lev 24.5-9; Law; Priests; Instructions for the bread of the tabernacle

Lev 24.10-23; Story-Law; Israelite, Egyptian son is stoned for blasphemy, eye for an eye rule

03 year of jubilee

Lev 25.1-7; Law; Festival, The sabbath year

Lev 25.8-22; Law; Festivals and holidays, The jubilee year

Lev 25.23-34; Law; Property, Redemption of property

Lev 25.35-46; Law; Charity, Care for poor family members

Lev 25.47-55; Law; Charity, Care for poor strangers

Lev 26.1-2; Law; Repeated command not to worship idols and to maintain the Sabbaths

Lev 26.3-13; Law; Blessings for obedience

Lev 26.14-45; Law; Punishments for disobedience

Lev 26.46; Story; Reminder these are the statutes, rules and laws given to Moses on Mt Sinai

Lev 27.1-33; Law; Laws about vows and redeeming what is the LORD’s

Lev 27.34; Story; Reminder these are the commandments given to Moses on Mt Sinai