23 Wordle Isaiah

Is 1.1; Introduction; The Vision of Isaiah

Is 1.2-20; Judgement; The iniquity and solemn assemblies of Judah

Is 1.21-31; Judgement; The unfaithful city

Is 2.1-5; Prophecy; The mountain of the LORD

Is 2.6-22; Judgement; The Day of the LORD

Is 3.1-4.1; Judgement; Judah and Jerusalem

Is 4.2-6; Prophecy; The branch of the LORD glorified

Is 5.1-7; Judgement; The vineyard of the LORD destroyed

Is 5.8-30; Judgement; Woe to the wicked

Is 6.1-13; Vision; Isaiah’s vision of the LORD

Is 7.1-9; Story; Isaiah sent to King Ahaz

Is 7.10-25; Prophecy; The sign of Immanuel

Is 8.1-10; Judgement; The coming Assyrian Invasion

Is 8.11-22; Prophecy; Fear God, wait for the LORD

Is 9.1-7; Prophecy; For to us a child is born, to us a son is given

Is 9.8-10.4; Judgement; Judgement on arrogance and oppression

Is 10.5-19; Judgement; Judgement on arrogant Assyria

Is 10.20-34; Prophecy; The remnant of Israel will return

Is 11.1-16; Prophecy; The righteous reign of the Branch

Is 12.1-6; Prophecy; Thanksgiving to the LORD, our strength and song

Is 13.1-22; Judgement; The Judgement of Babylon

Is 14.1-2; Prophecy; The LORD will have compassion on Jacob and again choose Israel

Is 14.3-23; Israel’s remnant taunts Babylon

Is 14.24-27; Prophecy; Oracle concerning Assyria

Is 14.28-32; Prophecy; Oracle concerning Philistia

Is 15.1-16.14; Prophecy; Oracle concerning Moab

Is 17.1-14; Oracle concerning Damascus

Is 18.1-7; Judgement; Oracle concerning Cush

Is 19.1-15; Judgement; Oracle concerning Egypt

Is 19.16-25; Prophecy; Egypt, Assyria and Israel Blessed

Is 20.1-6; Story; God commands Isaiah to walk naked and barefoot for three years as a sign

Is 21.1-10; Judgement; Oracle concerning Babylon

Is 21.11-12; Judgement; Oracle concerning Dumah

Is 21.13-17; Judgement; Oracle concerning Arabia

Is 22.1-14; Judgement; Oracle concerning Jerusalem

Is 22.15-25; Judgement; Isaiah is to pronounce judgement on Shebna, he will die and be replaced by Eliakim

Is 23.1-19; Judgement; Oracle concerning Tyre and Sidon

Is 24.1-23; Judgement; Judgement on the whole earth

Is 25.1-12; Prophecy; God will swallow up death forever

Is 26.1-21; Prophecy; Judah sings a song of salvation (e.g. resurrection)

Is 27.1-13; Prophecy; The redemption of Israel

Is 28.1-13; Judgement; Judgement on Ephraim and Jerusalem

Is 28.14-29; Prophecy; A Cornerstone in Zion

Is 29.1-24; Judgement; The siege of Jerusalem

Is 30.1-7; Instruction; Do not go down to Egypt

Is 30.8-17; Judgement; A rebellious people

Is 30.18-33; Mercy; The LORD will be gracious

Is 31.1-9; Warning; Woe to those who go down to Egypt, the LORD will protect Jerusalem

Is 32.1-8; Prophecy; Kings and Princes will rule in righteousness, the foolish will be known

Is 32.9-20; Warning; Complacent women warned of disaster

Is 33.1-9; Intercession; O LORD, Be gracious to us

Is 33.10-13; Response; The LORD responds to Isaiah’s prayer

Is 33.14-24; Promise; He who walks righteously will dwell on the heights, for the LORD is judge, lawgiver and king

Is 34.1-17; Judgement; Judgement on the nations

Is 35.1-10; Prophecy; The ransomed shall return

Is 36.1-10; Story; Sennacherib invades Judah, Hezekiah trusts in the LORD

Is 36.11-22; Story; Sennacherib invades Judah, Hezekiah trusts in the LORD, Continued.

Is 37.1-13; Story; Hezekiah seeks Isaiah’s help

Is 37.14-20; Story; Hezekiah prays for salvation

Is 37.21-38; Story; Sennacherib and the Assyrians die

Is 38.1-22; Story; Hezekiah’s sickness and recovery

Is 39.1-8; Story; Hezekiah shows the envoys from Babylon all his treasure

Is 40.1-8; Prophecy; Comfort for God’s people, prepare the way of the LORD, word of God stands forever

Is 40.9-31; Exhortation; Greatness of God, the herald of good news proclaims the LORD God comes with might

Is 41.1-20; Exhortation; Fear not, for I am with you

Is 41.21-29; Exhortation; The futility of Idols

Is 42.1-9; Servant; The LORD’s chosen servant

Is 42.10-17; Exhortation-Prophecy; Sing to the LORD a new song

Is 42.18-25; Judgement; Israel’s failure to hear and see

Is 43.1-21; Prophecy; You are precious in my eyes, honoured, and I love you

Is 43.22-28; Judgement; You have burdened me with your sins

Is 44.1-5; Prophecy; Israel the LORD’s chosen

Is 44.6-8; Worship; Besides me there is no God

Is 44.9-20; Exhortation-Judgement; The folly of Idolatry, ‘Is there not a lie in my right hand?’

Is 44.21-28; Exhortation; The LORD redeems Israel, return to the LORD

Is 45.1-13; Judgement; Cyrus, God’s instrument of judgement

Is 45.14-25; Worship-Exhortation; The LORD is saviour and creator, every knee shall bow

Is 46.1-13; Judgement-Prophecy; The idols of Babylon and the one true God who will save

Is 47.1-15; Judgement; The humiliation of Babylon, no one to save them

Is 48.1-11; Judgement; Israel refined for God’s glory

Is 48.12-22; Exhortation; The LORD’s call to Israel, the LORD will lead you in the way

Is 49.1-7; Servant; The Servant of the LORD

Is 49.8-26; Prophecy; The restoration of Israel

Is 50.1-3; Judgement; Israel’s sin

Is 50.4-11; Prophecy; The Servant trusts God and obeys his voice

Is 51.1-8; Exhortation; Give attention to the LORD

Is 51.9-23; Prophecy; God pleads the cause of his people

Is 52.1-12; Prophecy; The LORD’s coming salvation

Is 52.13-53.12; Prophecy; The suffering Servant

Is 54.1-17; Prophecy; The eternal covenant of peace

Is 55.1-13; Exhortation; Seek the LORD while He may be found

Is 56.1-8; Exhortation; Keep justice and do righteousness, Foreigners who join themselves to the LORD

Is 56.9-12; Judgement; Shepherds who have no understanding

Is 57.1-13; Judgement; Israel’s futile idolatry

Is 57.14-21; Prophecy; I will lead him and restore comfort to him

Is 58.1-14; Judgement-Exhortation; You fast only to quarrel and fight. This is the fast I choose

Is 59.1-13; Judgement; Their works are works of iniquity

Is 59.14-21; Judgement-Prophecy; There was no man, his own arm brought salvation

Is 60.1-22; Prophecy; The LORD will be your everlasting light

Is 61.1-11; Prophecy; The Spirit of the LORD God is on me

Is 62.1-12; Prophecy; For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent

Is 63.1-6; Judgement; I trampled them in my wrath

Is 63.7-14; Reminder; The story of Israel redeemed from slavery remembered

Is 63.15-19; Intercession; Isaiah’s prayer for mercy

Is 64.1-12; Intercession; Be not so terribly angry O LORD and remember not iniquity forever

Is 65.1-16; Judgement; I spread out my hands all the day to a rebellious people, I will bring forth offspring

Is 65.17-25; Prophecy; The LORD will create a new heavens and a new earth

Is 66.1-6; Exhortation; The one to whom I will look is humble, contrite in spirit and trembles at my word

Is 66.7-14; Prophecy; I will extend peace to her like a river, the glory of the nations like an overflowing stream

Is 66.15-24; Prophecy-Judgement; They shall go out and look on the dead bodies of the rebels